Open door immigration is a disaster

EU president cannot admit it when he has got it wrong

The EU Commission President’s comment that borders should remain open despite an unprecedented refugee crises show he just cannot admit when the EU has got it wrong, says local UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall.

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU Commission hailed the Schengen Agreement – which guarantees open borders between signatories – as a ‘great achievement’.


Despite a huge increase in desperate refugees from war-torn Africa and the Middle East travelling through Europe Mr Juncker hit out at nations seeking firmer border controls.

He said: “What worries me is to hear politicians from Left to Right nourishing a populism that brings only anger and not solutions.

“Hate speech and rash statements that threaten one of our very greatest achievements – the Schengen area and the absence of internal borders: that is not Europe.”

Responding to the comments, Deputy Leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttall said: “This guy just cannot admit what an increasing number of countries are now seeing, that open door immigration is a disaster, and cannot continue.

“It is not hate speech to say that your country cannot afford to look after everyone who wants to come here.

“It is not populism to be concerned that your health service or education system is buckling under the weight of uncontrolled immigration and firmer controls need to be considered.

“Juncker’s comments shows that for him the EU is not about practicality and improvement for the lives of its citizens, it is an irrational ideology for him, that he will pursue regardless of the chaos it might cause.

“Almost 50,000 migrants arrived in Greece in July alone, all headed for countries like Britain, that have generous benefits.

“For Juncker to ignore the problem and tell everyone to carry on regardless is the most blatant sign he has no regard for what’s best for the citizens of the EU I have seen for a long time.”



Bizarre Euro comics indoctrination

Comics for children extolling so-called virtues of the European Union should be banned, says Ukip MEP Paul Nuttall.
He is now writing to the Education Secretary Nicky Morgan demanding any such publication be withdrawn from schools across England and Wales.
It was revealed on Monday that the EU’s Publications Office has produced a series of cartoon strips, games and colouring books in the style of classics like the Beano or The Dandy.

Paul Nuttall MEP
Paul Nuttall MEP

They include bizarre stories about the Common Agricultural Policy, the European Commission’s regional policy and spending across the continent in general.
Mr Nuttall says the publications are “essentially EU propaganda” and as such should be banned under Article 406 of the Education Act 1996, which forbids the promotion of partisan political views in schools.
He said: “Never mind that schoolchildren have about as much interest in the Common Agricultural Policy as I do, what on earth does the EU think it is up to now?
“The Education Act 1996 makes it clear that the pursuit or promotion of partisan political views is strictly forbidden in schools, and for very good reason.
“Children should be free to study and grow without being indoctrinated by an organisation that is quite clearly political, as it is controlled, praised and criticised by politicians at all levels.
“Interestingly, one of the cartoons says that the way the EU’s £101 billion budget is spent is ‘watched very closely’.
“But nowhere does it explain why the EU’s accounts haven’t been signed off for 19 years, and when challenged they’ve even admitted not knowing how much these comics have cost to produce!
“It is telling that the EU feels it has to try to get children indoctrinated at an early age, because they’re clearly worried that more and more adults are turning their back on this wasteful institution.”





Illegal travellers sites


Calls for unauthorised traveller sites to be made illegal have been welcomed by local MEP Paul Nuttall.

A Downing Street petition has been launched this week to make setting up such sites a criminal offence.

trav“There needs to be a stronger deterrent and making illegal pitches a criminal offence would be just that,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.

Paul Nuttall MEP

“Under the existing civil rules residents have to wait several days before action is taken to clear illegal traveller sites. The clear up afterwards has to be paid for by the taxpayer, and frankly enough is enough.

“Making the setting up of an unauthorised traveller sites a criminal offence will swiftly deal with the problem of illegal camps. There will be a strong deterrent and powers for the police to clear the areas immediately. Rather than civil procedures, this will send a strong message that illegal sites are not tolerated and they will be cleared quickly.


“While each local authority has a duty to offer sites, it is wrong that a small minority persist in trespassing and form unauthorized sites. I would hope that a change in the law would protect community lands and see that all obey the law.

“While the police have powers to deal with unauthorised camps they will only use them if the site is deemed “wholly inappropriate”.

The petition, launched by UKIP MEP Tim Aker, can be found at



EU funded University Professors

EU subverting UK Education, as UKIP reveals EU funded University Professors


Published Jul 27, 2015
Paul Nuttall MEP

UKIP has warned today of the threat of the EU ‘subverting’ British education as Universities UK comes out against the UK leaving the European Union.

Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall, a former university lecturer, has also highlighted the role of Monnet Professors, academics selected and funded by the EU to promote EU integration. He argues that the payment of university teaching staff to promote EU ideals in European Universities amounts to the erosion of academic independence via a form of paid for propaganda.

“To learn that one and a half thousand academics around the world are being paid by the EU to promote EU integration is deeply concerning and akin to the sort of deliberate indoctrination one would expect in Cold War Communism, not in the twenty first century western world.


“Universities UK is a registered charity and is almost entirely state funded. It is therefore heavily regulated against engaging in impartial political activity like this. Universities UK should represent the interests of British education and not embroil itself in a political debate that has seen people denied any democratic say whatsoever on how Britain should be governed for the past 40 years. It will be interesting to learn how many of Universities UK’s representatives are also receiving direct funding from Brussels.

“Today I have written an open letter to the BBC warning them against using Monnet Professors as supposed impartial speakers on the EU, and during the course of the day UKIP be publicising when this has already happened in a series of striking Twitter revelations.

“It is only right that the British public are made aware of this grotesque undermining of the UK further education system and it’s about time that UK press simply ‘followed the money’.”

UKIP Member of the European Parliament for the the North West of England