E-cig decision slammed

May 4, 2016


Comments re EU Court of Justice judgement on Totally Wicked’s challenge to tobacco directive

UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall described the court’s ruling as a “travesty of justice.”


“Electronic cigarettes are a safer option for smokers but this ridiculous judgement may well mean that some vapers will go back to tobacco, which is plainly not to be encouraged.

“Millions of British consumers are using them and they could save hundreds of thousands of lives but no longer due to the EU’s knuckled headed intransigence.

“Totally Wicked, which is based in Blackburn in my North West constituency, has long had my backing and I had a meeting with them offering my support.

“They were courageous enough to challenge the EU Tobacco Products Directive and though they have now lost that fight I am sure the battle by the industry to have electronic cigarettes proportionately regulated will continue,” said Mr Nuttall, MEP.

“Meanwhile the court has banned menthol cigarettes on some spurious grounds that they make smoking more attractive. What the hell has happened to freedom of choice? People know that smoking is a dangerous habit and I don’t for a second believe that having menthol cigarettes on the shelves is encouraging smoking,” he added.


For further information on the judgment: http://curia.europa.eu/jcms/upload/docs/application/pdf/2016-05/cp160048en.pdf


For further information on the Independent British Vape Trade Association: www.ibvta.org.uk

Notes to Editor: For further information on Totally Wicked’s legal challenge, please visit – http://article20legalchallenge.com/


EU army plan revealed

Dear Editor,

Plans for a European Army are relentlessly marching ahead – just as we have long predicted and despite denials by mainstream British politicians.

Former EU Commission President Romano Prodi has already admitted it is in the pipeline and now we learn that Germany is pushing for such an army to encompass all 28 member states with a joint headquarters and shared military planning.

Apparently Germany had wanted to keep the proposals secret until after the EU referendum, well they would wouldn’t they?

Germany is desperate to keep the UK in the grasp of the European Union as they know that if we leave other member states may well follow our example and their beloved EU project will collapse around their ears.

Those in this country in the Remain camp deny losing our sovereignty but giving up the right to defend ourselves is just a further erosion of that.

The writing for the future of the UK as an independent nation is not just on the wall it is writ in ominous blue and yellow. 

Anyone who truly cares for this country and future generations must stand up and be counted by voting for Brexit next month.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall MEP


Recent media 28/04/2016

Below are just a few examples of my recent articles and quoted comments from the print and online media:

Postal voting is open to corruption and needs reform, says UKIP deputy Paul Nuttall




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Will Turkey dominate EU?

Down the Path of Madness towards a Turkish-dominated EU – UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall


• European Parliament, Brussels, 28 April 2016

Paul Nuttall MEP, Deputy Leader, UK Independence Party (North West), Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group –@paulnuttallukip
– Bluecard question: José Inácio FARIA MEP (Portugal), Liberal group (ALDE)

• Debate: Legal aspects, democratic control and implementation of the EU-Turkey agreement
Council and Commission statements

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The BBC and the EU

BBC EU flag-275

UKIP spoofs Lord Patten for suggesting BBC deferential to Brexit cause


Published Apr 27, 2016
Paul Nuttall MEP

Responding to Lord Patten, UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP said:

“This is a bit rich, coming from a man on a fat European Commissioner pension and who wants to remain in the EU.

“The most senior BBC News editors have previously admitted that that the BBC has been biased for years in favour of the EU and against discussion of immigration.

“Given that the BBC has just aired a four part laudatory documentary on President Obama and the BBC’s former Brussels producer Lucy Thomas is currently deputy head of the Remain campaign, it is clear Lord Patten is heavy on rhetoric but very light on fact. Perhaps he could also explain why the BBC receives money from the EU but this is not their public accounts.”


Hillsborough verdict welcomed

UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall welcomes Hillsborough verdict

Published Apr 26, 2016

UKIP’s Liverpool based Deputy Leader and Hillsborough survivor Paul Nuttall MEP has welcomed the decision by the jury to conclude that the 96 fans crushed to death were “unlawfully killed”.

“All of us in Liverpool and across the country will be pleased with this result. For far too many years, 27 long years, the questions have remained unanswered and no responsibility has been taken for the appalling events of that day.

“Liverpool fans have been publicly traduced and blamed for their own suffering. The Police at the stadium have been found to be responsible for a whole series of failures that lead to the horrors of that day, a day burnt permanently in my, and thousands of other minds.

“At last the process of justice can begin, and the process of healing can have a chance. I will never forget that day, nor will the city of Liverpool, but Justice will go some way to soften the pain.”



Postal vote open to abuse


Postal voting is open to widespread misuse and even corruption and is in urgent need of reform, says local UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall.

Paul Nuttall MEP
Paul Nuttall MEP

The Euro-MP today (MON) publishes a paper highlighting numerous examples of where postal voting has been used illicitly.

Mr Nuttall, UKIP Deputy Leader, wants to amend the Representation of the People Act 2000 by scrapping the inclusion of postal voting “on demand”.

His call comes as people choosing to vote via post rather than polling station have started to receive their postal voting ballots for next month’s plethora of elections.

In his paper, published by the UKIP Parliamentary Resource Unit, Mr Nuttall points to recent postal voting anomalies in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Wythenshawe and Sale East, Peterborough, Burnley, Blackburn and Birmingham, as examples of how postal voting on demand has perverted the democratic process.

They, he says, are “just the tip of the iceberg”.

Mr Nuttall said: “I felt I had to write this paper following what I witnessed at the Oldham West and Royton by election where boxes containing postal votes were almost unanimously in support of one particular party. I knew then that something was rotten in our system.   

“I believe postal voting needs to return to its origins – allowing those who are genuinely infirm and housebound, or perhaps abroad serving in the armed forces, to have their say at the ballot box.

“What we have the moment, thanks to the Labour party for whom it serves best, is a system where anyone can demand to be allowed a postal vote rather than visit a polling station.

“This means that some households can have all their votes decided by one person, regardless of an individual’s own personal political persuasions.

 “In my paper I’ve highlighted recorded incidents of postal voting abuse in a diverse number of places which I believe are just the tip of the iceberg.”  Continue reading Postal vote open to abuse

UKIP Member of the European Parliament for the the North West of England