Critical HS2 report welcomed

An influential report condemning the controversial HS2 project was welcomed today by local UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall.hs2

The House of Lords Economic Committee’s report says that the government has no convincing case for the £50bn rail link project.

“Hooray for this report which echoes what UKIP has been saying for years – HS2 is a white elephant vanity scheme, which we can neither afford and definitely do not need or want,” said Mr Nuttall, deputy party leader.

“They say there are less expensive options, which is also what UKIP has always argued. This scheme will not benefit the North West, only London.

“Interestingly they say that the government has not carried out a proper assessment of whether alternate ways of increasing capacity are more cost effective. That is no surprise as what is never officially admitted is that EU “harmonisation” lies behind the venture.

“We have the HS2 project because the EU believes we should do so. In 2002 the EU took the British government to court because of failing to fulfil our obligations under the Trans-European Rail System Directive and now we have the HS2 project.

“UKIP says no to HS2 and I am delighted, though not optimistic that it will make any difference, that the Peers also want to see it hit the buffers,” said Mr Nuttall.



Cultural Marxism

I posted a while ago about the issue of Cultural Marxism. Several people have asked me to repost it so here it is:

Time for a revolution against the Marxists

POLITICAL correctness drives most of us mad – but how on earth did we end up like this in the first place?

In October 1917, Marxist Vladimir Lenin overthrew the Russian government heralding the beginning of 70 years of communism.


Many felt the revolution would spread to Western Europe to countries such as France and Germany. Thank God it didn’t.

In 1923 a group of depressed Marxist intellectuals gathered at Frankfurt am Main University in Germany to discuss the reasons why communism had not spread.

They concluded that they had to change the way people thought and communicated before western society was ready for it. They called this “Cultural Marxism”. This theory demanded that sympathisers indoctrinated the public by infiltrating the cultural institutions, including the media and universities.   Continue reading

Swans at risk

A campaign to protect swans endangered by speeding motorists in North Blyth got a welcome boost yesterday (Mon) with a visit by UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall.

While in the North East for a public meeting in Cramlington Mr Nuttall took time out to go to North Blyth area where local residents are concerned about safety of the local swan colony. paul and swans paul swans2

At least two swans have been killed recently by irresponsible drivers on West Bridge Street which is the main road through the small community on the narrow strip of land, known locally as The Island, as it is surrounded on three sides by water.

Locals are demanding road calming measures are introduced and they are also angry at the amount of rubbish in the area which is also a hazard to both the birds and local residents.

One of them, Gary Compton, reported the accumulation of rubbish and fly-tipping along the river edge but when Northumberland County Council did not respond he contacted local UKIP town councillor, Barry Elliott, for help.

Within forty eight hours the council responded to Mr Elliott’s email and local offenders doing their community service were despatched to help deal with  the problem.

Gary posted details of the problem on Facebook and after an employee of phone giant, EE, saw it she spoke to her boss and it has been arranged that 13 employees can go along to the area on March 29 to finish off the clean-up.

As well as the clean up residents in the tight knit community want traffic calming measures and CCTV introduced to help protect both swans crossing the road and young children.

Prospective UKIP MP for the Wansbeck constituency, Melanie Hurst said, “This is a triumph for the community who are working hand-in-hand with big business and NCC to improve their village.

“The road from Battleship Wharf to the Alcan facility badly needs traffic calming measures as children cross to access the river beach in the summer and two swans have been killed, one recently.”

After his visit to the area Mr Nuttall said, “I am very impressed at the community spirit. Locals have taken up the cudgels to get something done and the work by Cllr Elliott shows that people power really does work, which UKIP greatly supports.”

If you want to show your support on the 29th March then get in touch with Gary Compton on 07773614544.


Huge cost of EU red tape

Local UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall has highlighted the fact that the cost of EU red tape is so huge that it exceeds the Treasury estimates for council tax revenue for this financial year. red-tape-eur

“Ratepayers all over the country struggle to pay their council tax bills and then watch in dismay on an increasingly regular basis as local services, such as libraries and childrens’ centres, are shut because of budget cuts.

“There must come a point when councils cannot cut services back any further – though they could and should make cuts in other ways such as reducing top management salaries and councillor allowances – and meanwhile we are handing over £55 million a day to the EU.

“The Open Europe report shows that EU red tape costs Britain £33billion a year

and the costs of a quarter of these regulations outweighs the estimated benefits.

“The more details of waste, unnecessary regulations and lack of transparency that emerges from the EU, whose accounts have not been signed off for 19 years, the more reasons pile up for us to leave,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.

“It has been made plain that David Cameron’s much vaunted talk of re-negotiation will come to nought. You cannot negotiate with a body that does not want to negotiate,” he added.



Paul Nuttall addresses conference

An end to quangos, no income tax on the first £13,500 earned and cutting foreign aid by 85% were among promises made by UKIP’s deputy leader at their North West Spring conference at the weekend.paul blackpool

Addressing the crowded conference in Blackpool Paul Nuttall, who is also one of the region’s MEPs, also spoke of abolishing the bedroom tax and stopping the HS2 rail project in its tracks.

“It is designed the benefit the people of London, it will not benefit the people in the North West and certainly not Blackpool and it doesn’t go to Lancashire or Cumbria.

“Dropping the project will save £50 billion which we would invest in local transport networks. Doing away with quangos would save another £40 billion a year,” he said.

“David Cameron said there would be a bonfire of quangos. Well he hasn’t even lift he match. We will light this bonfire.”

paul nuttallMr Nuttall, whose keynote speech received a rapturous response, also pointed out that cutting foreign aid by 85% would save £9 billion a year “and we would still be giving more than Spain and Italy put together. Currently we spend £32 million every day on foreign aid.”

He added that we should give foreign aid but it should be focussed on those in real need and not to countries like Indian, China and Brazil.CADqEZaWgAA1YiF

Among the other speakers were UKIP’s parliamentary candidates for Blackpool South – Peter Wood – and Blackpool North and Cleveleys – Simon Noble.

In his speech Mr Noble, a solicitor, hit out at the town’s Labour run council “which is staggeringly effective in wasting ratepayers’ money.”  Continue reading

UKIP Member of the European Parliament for the the North West of England