Support for Police ‘Thin Blue Line’ badge

Telling police officers they should not wear a ‘thin blue line’ badge to support their fallen colleagues is an example of ‘disrespectful, lily livered political correctness’ – says the Deputy Leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttall MEP.


His comments follow media reports that Met officers have been apparently been told by a high ranking Scotland Yard officer that the black and white Union Jack patch with a blue line could cause offence within certain communities and not to wear it.


“It has never been more appropriate than right now in the wake of the tragic killing of Merseyside PC David Phillips,” Mr Nuttall said.


“What is wrong with people in authority today? They are stupidly keen to see offence where none exists. And in this instance whose delicate feelings are they now trying to protect? ” said the North West MEP.


“I am glad to read that Met Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, who was formerly in charge of the Merseyside force, has adopted a far more sensible robust attitude and said he had no issue with officers wearing the badge.


“Our police officers are under incredible pressure increased by austerity measures having led to job cuts and they face problems and risks that most people never encounter. 


“Never more did that vital thin blue line deserve our support and frankly there is no room for lily livered politically correct behaviour while our guardians of the law spend every day protecting us,” said Mr Nuttall.


Wirral Council slammed

Dear Editor,

The rejection of plans for an independent review of the Wirral borough’s councillor numbers is typical of this Labour-run council.

Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas so it comes as no surprise that councillors have turned down a review which could see a third losing their lucrative roles.

Labour claim that the current number of 66 is necessary and justified so why fear an independent and impartial review by the Boundary Commission?

Instead the council’s policy and performance co-ordinating committee are to set up their own ‘task and finish’ group to provide their own evaluation. Well I can guess what odds the bookies would give on the outcome of that recommending anything other than the status quo.

Yours faithfully 

Paul Nuttall MEP 

EU should consider the consequences of its actions

Let’s consider the potential consequences of allowing more migrants from countries where women are mistreated:


• European Parliament, Strasbourg, 8 October 2015

• Bluecard question: Paul Nuttall MEP, Deputy Leader, UK Independence Party (North West), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group – @paulnuttallukip
– Response: Lidia SENRA RODRÍGUEZ MEP (Spain), GUE/NGL group (Leftists)

• Debate: Equal opportunities and equal treatment of men and women in matters of employment and occupation
– Report:  Anna Záborská (A8-0213/2015)
Report on the application of Directive 2006/54/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 July 2006 on the implementation of the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment of men and women in matters of employment and occupation
Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality

EU Cash demands grow



A shock £385 million EU bill for British taxpayers, which includes cash to help the migrant crisis, has been greeted with anger by local UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall.

“The European Union is scandalously profligate with money but then of course it’s always easy to have a spending spree when using someone else’s cash,” he said.

EU leaders decided in July to rein in spending but the Budget Control Committee has instead voted to raise the total budget by £3.3billion to £108.7billion next year. This will take Britain’s share up by £385 million to £12.6 billion. It includes an extra £900million to deal with the flow of migrants to Europe.

“This is outrageous but it will help our campaign for Britain to leave the EU as it is yet another demonstration of how wasteful this monolith is and how powerless we are to have control over our own taxpayers’ money,” said Mr Nuttall.

Paul Nuttall MEP

“The amount of waste in Brussels is absolutely eye-watering and instead of just demanding more and more money from member states they should be tightening up on that.

“People in this country are living in times of austerity but that has not apparently filtered through to the Eurocrats,” he added.


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Crucifix removal row



The removal of a wooden Christian crucifix that has graced a crematorium for almost 50 years to avoid offending followers of different religions has been condemned by Ukip deputy leader Paul Nuttall.polit

Officials from Hyndburn Council took down Accrington Crematorium’s large wooden cross – the traditional symbol of Christianity – after concerns grew about how secular groups responded to it.

It will now only be put up for individual services on request, after being the centrepiece of the crematorium since 1956.

Mr Nuttall, whose North West of England constituency includes the Lancashire town of Accrington, said it was a case of political correctness gone mad.

He also suggested that the majority of followers of other religions would in any case not be offended by the sight of a crucifix.

Mr Nuttall said: “This is political correctness gone mad and, as is increasingly common, it has been done because of a false perception of ‘causing offence’.

“There have been no calls from followers of other religions to remove the wooden cross, just woolly-headed council bosses seeing the risk of offence when none exists.

“Sadly this is typical of the limp-wristed right-on bureaucrats who make decisions affecting the lives of others after a relentless diet of equality and diversity, no matter what their paymasters in the public might think.

“Where is the consideration for Christians in this? This is still a Christian country and the majority of Lancashire residents describe themselves as Christian.

Paul Nuttall MEP
Paul Nuttall MEP

“The cross was there without problem for nearly 50 years and has given comfort to countless bereaved people.

“I would urge Hyndburn Council to reconsider this crass and ill-thought out action that will only serve to further remove the actions of the local authority from the lives of local people.”

The decision has upset many others in the area, including the Anglican Bishop of Burnley, Philip North.



Mass immigration affects wages


Burnham finally recognises the obvious – Mass immigration does depress low wages


The admission by Andy Burnham that mass low skilled immigration “has made life harder for people in our poorest communities, where wages have been undercut and job security lost” is a welcome recognition of the blindingly obvious.


“Mr Burnham’s words show the desperation of a man who has ignored the plight of the working classes due to mass immigration for years,” said local UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall.

Paul Nuttall MEP
Paul Nuttall MEP

“He cannot be surprised that uncontrolled immigration, which he and his party support, has led to wage compression, so his comments today prove that he knew he was lying when, before the election, he denied it was happening.

“Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary is only admitting the blindingly obvious in an attempt to win back the voters they have lost to UKIP. It’s too little too late and voters are not as gullible as he’d like to think.


“If he really wants to help people then he’d be better off campaigning for Britain to leave the EU so we can then control immigration with an Australian style points system. Instead he’d rather tell scare stories about job losses should we regain our independence, ignoring commitment by huge corporations such as Vauxhall and Nissan to stay here.


“The only jobs which would be lost are MEPs and big business lobbyists and I’d happily be the turkey voting for Christmas to make life better for people in this country.


“The facts show that it’s the EU causing job losses by making this country uncompetitive which the job losses at Redcar this week are the latest sad illustration,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.



Burnham comments


UKIP Member of the European Parliament for the the North West of England