Immigration is not a short term problem

Sir John Major is both right and wrong at the same time about immigration, said UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall today.

“He is quite right to say it’s about numbers not nationalities but he is wrong to say this is a short term problem.

“He may wish to portray it as short term but the UK is going to continue to be a magnet for migrants from all over the world and him saying otherwise won’t make it so.

“And let us not forget that it was Sir John who was behind the UK joining the Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1990 and we all know how disastrously that ended with Black Wednesday just two years later.

“Sir John spoke on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show of Britain not closing its doors to immigrants and again I would like to make it clear that UKIP would not slam the door shut either.

“But we must have control over our borders so we can insure that we allow in those who will benefit our country, such as professionals and the highly skilled, and for that we need to introduce a points based system similar to that used in Australia,” said Mr Nuttall, North West MEP.

“The Conservatives can waffle all they want about re-negotiating with Brussels about free movement within the EU but that is a fundamental tenet of the institution and the Eurocrats have already made it quite clear they have no intention of altering it.

“Sir John himself said that at the present rate of immigration our population world rise by 25% in a few decades. This cannot be allowed to happen and the first step for saving our overcrowded island is leaving the EU.

“It has been claimed that migrants add billions of pounds to our economy but now even the government’s own work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, has described this as ‘silly’.

“It is not only silly it is pro-EU politicians trying to hoodwink the public and frankly it isn’t working, the public are far more aware than they think.”



Concerns over veils in schools

The former Arch Bishop of Canterbury’s comments that primary school teachers should be able to wear full-face veils is a completely misplaced attempt at political correctness, and he should be the one hiding his face, says UKIP’s Deputy Leader.

The charge follows an announcement earlier this week from Dr Rowan Williams, that primary school teachers should be allowed to wear full face veils when teaching young children.

In an interview with the religious think-tank Theos published earlier this week, Lord Williams said anxieties about primary school teachers wearing the full-face veil in class were “largely misplaced” and claimed “there are other ways to ‘read’ what people are saying.”

But only yesterday, one of Britain’s leading Islamic scholars, Dr Sheikh Hojjat Ramzy blew apart Williams’ view and countered that he does not want teachers to wear veils.

The educationalist and former Chair of the Muslim Council of Britain’s Education Committee said: “The education of the students is paramount, and children of primary school age need to see the teachers’ facial expressions in the learning process.

“As a picture paints a thousand words, facial expressions convey meanings that cannot otherwise be expressed in speech.

“I have spoken to many teachers in Islamic schools who wear the niqab outside of school but remove it in the classroom to enable ease of communication with the children, and I have met none who object to doing this.”

UKIP’s Education spokesman and Deputy leader of the party, Paul Nuttall said: “How can young children in their vital first years of school get as much from a teacher whose face they can’t see as one that they can? It just isn’t going to happen.

“As so often happens, it is a white middle-class trying to be politically correct and getting it completely wrong.

“It’s the ‘I know best’ attitude of the PC brigade yet again, and he clearly hasn’t actually asked the muslim community what they think, since it has been shown they are against the idea.

“Williams is trying to show he is being inclusive, but when you actually ask the muslim community, they are taking the sensible approach and showing that the education of their children takes priority on this matter. It’s a pity the same can’t be said for former Archbishop Williams.”



Outrage over School Governor ousting

A dedicated school chairman of governors has been forced to resign – just because he is a member of UKIP.

Mike Ward has been a governor at Eskdale School in North Yorkshire for eight years and chairman for the last five.

But head teacher Sue Whelan intimated to him that his UKIP membership  rendered him ‘persona non grata’ and consequently invited his resignation.

Mr Ward, a councillor in Scarborough, had only joined UKIP two days before Ms Whelan ruled that UKIP policy on immigration was incompatible with the aims and ethos of the school.

“This is an outrage, Mike has been a dedicated governor for years and it is totally unacceptable that membership of UKIP should be considered to be incompatible with being a governor,” said the party’s deputy leader Paul Nuttall.

“This is discrimination against a conscientious man who has worked tirelessly for the school and it is a disgrace that the head teacher has taken it upon herself to oust him. He purely has the interests of the school and local youngsters at heart.

“There must be a full independent inquiry into this debacle and Mike should be re-instated. He is a former teacher and university lecturer and I’m sure his fellow governors had no problems with his completely unrelated political membership,” said Mr Nuttall.

“Everyone is entitled to their own political views and I’m sure the other governors have theirs and possibly even belong to a political party but like Mike just concentrate on seeking the best for Eskdale School,” he added.



School strike fears

Paul-NuttallUKIPUKIP Education spokesman has voiced fears that strike action by teachers in defence of a militant union official may spread.

“There has been a walkout today by members of the National Union of Teachers – which is outrageously reimbursing them – and I am concerned this action may spread to schools outside of North London.

“It is plainly wrong that teachers are effectively being bribed to strike and what also concerns me greatly is the affect on parents and children.

“Youngsters should not have their education treated as an ideological football and why should cash-strapped families be left out of pocket by having to make arrangements for their children when teachers walk out?

“I know in my own North West constituency many working class families have to count every penny and they are seething every time the left-wing NUT invokes strike action.

“Our children deserve the best education they can get, which if UKIP was in charge would mean a grammar school in every town and city, and this particular strike in London demonstrates how these union members are putting the needs of pupils in second place,” said Mr Nuttall.



Juncker in Fairy Land

• European Parliament, Brussels, 12 November 2014

• Paul Nuttall MEP, Deputy Leader, UK Independence Party (North West), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group – @paulnuttallukip

• Debate: Statement by the President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker


In your opening remarks Mr Juncker, you seem to be blaming everybody else and not yourself, and in a desperate effort to throw everybody off the scent you call for more EU tax harmonisation. Rubbish I say!

Now, let’s get to the rub of it. The definition of hypocrisy according in the Oxford English dictionary is the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more normal beliefs than is the case.

And I don’t think anyone in this chamber could disagree with me today when I say this perfectly sums up the position of the President of the European Commission here today.

When Mr Juncker was campaigning for the post he stood on a platform of stamping out aggressive tax avoidance by multinational corporations across the EU, yet it is now clear from recent revelations that he had not practiced what he was preaching.

Under his tenure Luxembourg was a “magical fairy land” for multinational corporations where tax rates were as little as one percent paid on profits.

Mr Juncker, you said that this was within the rules, but equally I say it is morally bankrupt. When asked by one of my UKIP colleagues back in July how you could justify tax standardisation across the EU whilst overseeing a tax haven in Luxembourg, you simply dodged the question and now we know why.

Could this possibly be a case of history repeating itself? Because Mr Juncker’s predecessor as PM of Luxembourg, Jacques Santer, was forced to resign as president of the commission under a cloud of corruption back in 1999. So I suppose if you think about it in those terms then Mr Juncker’s appointment can be summed up by Albert Einstein’s theory of insanity, which is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

I’d like to finish by asking this chamber why the people of Europe are increasingly sceptical about the EU. Well allow me to tell you with one simple sentence. It is because it is always a case of do as I say and not as I do, and therefore I believe Mr Juncker you have two options. One is to honourably resign, or two, at least stand down while an independent investigation takes place. Thank you.


Watch EFDD event live

Livestream: Europe 25 years after the fall of the iron curtain – 12 November 2014

The EFDD group is holding a conference on Wednesday, 12 November 2014, at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Guest speakers include the former president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav KLAUS, Slovak MEP Richard SULÍK, and economics professor and author, Philipp BAGUS.

The event is hosted by EFDD group co-president Nigel FARAGE MEP and Czech MEP Petr MACH.

The conference will be moderated by UKIP MEP Roger Helmer.



UKIP Member of the European Parliament for the the North West of England