Tory Immigration pledge failing


Britain’s population rose by half a million people last year – proving David Cameron’s pledge to tackle immigration is continuing to fail, says Ukip deputy leader Paul Nuttall.

BORDERAccording to figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there has been an “above average” increase of 491,100 people from mid-2013 to mid-2014.

Of those, net migration into the country added 259,700 to the population.

That was even more than the country’s “natural growth” – births minus deaths – which added 226,200.

The ONS said a quarter of those births were to mothers born outside the UK.

Mr Nuttall, MEP for the North West, said: “The Prime Minister can say he wants to crack down on immigration all he likes, but it’s empty words.

“Free movement of people is a tenet of being a member of the European Union, which means 500 million people across the continent can move to live and work in any EU country they choose.

“It sounds like a Utopian dream but the reality is a huge number of those people seek out the UK as a destination because we’re a generous nation.

“The net effect is more people using the NHS, more people attending our schools, more people needing housing, more people on our crowded railway network, and more people on our roads.

“Only by leaving the EU can we begin to get a grip on uncontrolled immigration into this country, which would then enable us to plan properly for the future and the population we already have.”



An EU Army?

TTIP corporatist scam hurts workers and small businesses

• European Parliament, Brussels, 24 June 2015

• Paul Nuttall MEP, Deputy Leader, UK Independence Party (North West), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group – @paulnuttallukip

• Debate: Preparation of the European Council meeting (25-26 June 2015)
Council and Commission statements


Mr. President,
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Freedom of Panorama chaos


Moves in the European Parliament which could mean iconic views such as Gormley’s ‘Iron Men’ could no longer be photographed without permission have been slated by local MEP Paul Nuttall.

The EU is threatening to restrict the long-established principle of “freedom of panorama” which would mean major landmarks being blocked from videos and photographs for fear of copyright infringement.

A French ally of the Lib Dems has suggested amendments to legislation involving introducing rules, which would force photographers, artists and filmmakers to seek permission and even pay to be able to film, paint and photograph some of Europe’s most famous landmarks.

The original proposals were submitted by Germany’s Pirate Party MEP Julia Reda in a report earlier this month to protect Freedom of Panorama. But the European Parliament’s legal committee, while approving most of the report, implemented several amendments.

One of these says – “The commercial use of photographs, video footage or other images of works which are permanently located in physical public places should always be subject to prior authorisation from the authors or any proxy acting for them.”

Mr Nuttall, deputy UKIP leader, said, “This would end up being another example of unintended consequences which frequently happens when the EU passes laws.

“It is idiotic and would mean that visitors would not be able to snap views of the Iron Men and other famous works and use them commercially if they so wanted.

“This attempt to restrict the Freedom of Panorama strikes at the root of our liberties.  It will destroy an explicit British freedom guaranteed in our copyright legislation for over 100 years.

“Art and photography are valuable because of their intrinsic freedom. Freedom is constantly undermined by the European Union as we have seen time and time again,” said Mr Nuttall.

The full European Parliament will be voting on the controversial measure on July 9.



The death of Sir Chris Woodhead


Sir Chris was a man who dedicated his entire life to the youth of the country. As an inspirational educator and later as the Head of Ofsted he showed vision, determination and intellectual courage to challenge the norms which so damage educational hope and aspiration.
He applied those self-same qualities to his long battle with his health. It was an honour to have known him.

Eurosceptic report welcomed

Heavy-weight “Change or Go” report challenges Cameron’s claim that being in the EU is good for the UK

UKIP’s Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall has today welcomed the publication by a group of business leaders and economic analysts of “Change or Go,” a 1,000 page assessment of Britain’s place in the EU: “This report challenges the many myths David Cameron and his allies are using to try to frighten the British people into staying in the EU.”

Paul Nuttall MEP
Paul Nuttall MEP

“UKIP welcomes this list of demands for changes Cameron ought to make, but clearly is not making, in his negotiation with the EU. The report concludes that unless the Prime Minister can achieve a fundamental change in Britain’s relationship with Brussels, the country’s households and businesses will be better off if the UK opts to leave the EU.”

“In light of this report there are two important things that need to be highlighted. Firstly the startling level of the UK’s contribution to the overall EU budget and secondly the supremacy of EU law over UK law. These are two fundamental principles that must change, unfortunately however it is clear Cameron intends to do nothing about these issues.

“UKIP has said this for years, and we welcome our argument moving to the mainstream of debate. The EU is bad for Britain. We are better off out. This report gives us 1,000 pages of reasons why. I only wish Cameron were honest enough to tell the British people the truth about the damage the EU does to every family and every business in the UK.”

Windfarm decision welcomed



The end to new onshore wind farm subsidies from next April has been welcomed by UKIP.

“Wind power has never been the answer to Britain’s energy needs and it is iniquitous that householders have been forced to contribute towards this madness.

Scotland - Wind Turbines“They have blighted some of our most beautiful countryside and sadly there are many more with planning permission waiting in the wings to add to this sacrilege,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.

“I am delighted that onshore wind farms will be excluded from this generous hand out scheme a year earlier than anticipated and hope that many of the estimated 3,000 schemes awaiting planning permission will now wither on the vine with the funding tap turned off.

“These subsidies benefit wealthy developers and investors and penalise energy users. Many householders are struggling to make ends meet while the fat cats just get fatter.

“We are all held to ransom through levies on our fuel bills to meet ridiculous renewables targets and these levies should be reduced from April in line with the subsidy cut. But I dare say I’ll just be whistling in the wind with that hope.

“And let’s not forget off shore wind farms which are also ugly eye sores and equally as useless and their subsidies should also be scrapped,” added Mr Nuttall, North West MEP.



Questions about Purdah rules

Dear Editor,

The subject of purdah before the EU referendum remains unresolved and meanwhile David Cameron’s promise he will “not embark on a taxpayer-funded spending spree” over the referendum leaves open the question of the millions in propaganda money the European Commission plans to spend. Mr Cameron can have no control over that, especially since much of the propaganda money is hidden.


For example there are hundreds of “experts” from universities and multi-national corporations who will be invited by the BBC and other news organisations to make arguments in favour of a vote to stay in the EU.

Paul Nuttall MEP

However, both British universities and many multi-nationals benefit each year from millions in taxpayers’ money paid to them by EU institutions. During 2013, the latest year for which figures are available in the European Commission’s Financial Transparency System, the European Commission paid  €8,392,495 (£6.02m) in taxpayers’ money to the London School of Economics.

In 2012, the amount paid was €5,657,935 (£4.06m), with earlier years showing similar taxpayer-funded, EU directed largesse. Yet the BBC and other news organisations will be able to use “experts” from the LSE and other universities which benefit from millions in such payments right up to the end of the referendum campaign without disclosing their financial interest in continued EU membership.


The BBC is itself one of the biggest beneficiaries of taxpayer-funded EU money. Between 2007-2013, the European Commission paid the BBC a total of €30,180, 057 (£21.68m). Yet the BBC will remain free to use the full force of these taxpayer-funded millions to continue with its relentless pro-EU coverage, right up to polling day. Some purdah.


Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall MEP

UKIP Member of the European Parliament for the the North West of England