This is a Tor Exit Router

DE: Dieser Tor-Exitknoten wird betrieben von Digitalcourage e.V., Bielefeld.

EN: This Tor exit relay is run by Digitalcourage e.V., Bielefeld, Germany.

Most likely you are accessing this website because you had some issue with the traffic coming from this IP. This router is part of the Tor Anonymity Network, which is dedicated to providing privacy to people who need it most: average computer users. This router IP should be generating no other traffic, unless it has been compromised.

As can be seen from the Tor overview page, the Tor network is designed to make tracing of users impossible. This is because the Tor network is a censorship resistance, privacy, and anonymity system used by whistle blowers, journalists, Chinese dissidents skirting the Great Firewall, abuse victims, stalker targets, the US military, and law enforcement, just to name a few. See the Tor users page for more info.

Although Tor can be abused, the vast majority of users are legitimate. It is not illegal to operate exit nodes. In terms of applicable law, the best way to understand Tor is to consider it a network of routers operating as common carriers, much like the Internet backbone. However, unlike the Internet backbone routers, Tor routers explicitly do not contain identifiable routing information about the source of a packet.

As such, there is little the operator of this router can do to help you track the connection further. This router maintains no logs of any of the Tor traffic, so there is little that can be done to trace either legitimate or illegitimate traffic (or to filter one from the other). Attempts to seize any of our equipment will accomplish nothing.

This relay ( is run by Digitalcourage. Please see for more details and contact information.