Recent media 26/05/2016

roundupBelow are just a few examples of my recent articles and quoted comments from the print and online media:
Leave campaign rally at UKIP event at Cheltenham Town Hall – May 24, 2016


Brexit: What would happen to foreign footballers if Britain leaves the EU? May 24, 2016

EU Housing Commission demand is ‘DAMNED CHEEK’ May 23, 2016

EU Housing Commission demand is ‘DAMNED CHEEK’

‘EU treaties keep food prices artificially high with beef 35% higher than it could be’ May 22, 2016


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Brussels rules threaten Vaping

Dear Editor,

All over the country the burning question at the moment is whether or not we should stay in the EU.

Obviously I have not a shadow of doubt that we should leave and the evidence continues to mount to back up the Leave campaign complemented by the increasingly unbelievable rhetoric from George Osborne et al.


Meanwhile the meddling in our lives by Brussels continues with the Tobacco Products Directive which governs the sale and production of e-cigarettes and which has now been implemented by the UK.  Continue reading Brussels rules threaten Vaping

Anger at EU house demands

May 20 2016 




The European Commission has been accused of “damned cheek” over their demands that Britain builds more homes to cope with the shortage caused by EU immigrants.

The Commission’s order that the UK takes “further steps to boost housing supply” is contained in a report into Britain’s housing market.

“What damned cheek, don’t they see the irony of this?” said UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall. houses

“It is our membership of the EU leading to uncontrolled immigration that has been a major contributory factor to the housing shortage in this country, not to mention unsustainable pressure on education and health services

“We have long maintained that the UK cannot cope with such a huge influx of immigrants but politicians just put their heads in the sand while the whole character of the country has been changed irrevocably,” said Mr Nuttall, North West MEP.

“Yes, we have a housing shortage and we need to stop hundreds of thousands of immigrants arriving on our shores every year and making that worse.

“On June 23 voters have the golden opportunity to say we’ve had more than enough of the EU telling us how to live our lives and regain control of our borders and laws. 


A feeble list from the Government

A Queen’s speech of a Government at Sea

Paul Nuttall MEP, the UKIP Deputy Leader poured cold water on today’s Queen Speech as “a mixed bag and light on major announcements, clearly the Government’s highest priority is pushing for a Remain vote in the impending EU Referendum”.

He said: “It was revealing to examine what didn’t made it into the list of Bills announced today, such as the previously much talked about but now dropped Sovereignty Bill.  Continue reading A feeble list from the Government

Local Newspapers under threat

Dear Editor,

Local newspapers are taken for granted by many readers – but they should be revered, particularly as sadly many are under threat and many others have gone.

This is Local Newspaper Week and it is important to highlight the fantastic role that these publications play in community life.

stack of newspapers

It is increasingly difficult for them with reduced staffing levels and having to fence with highly paid press officers employed by councils, emergency services and hospital trusts to put a favourable gloss on everything.

And with local authorities using a cabinet system the so called transparency they preach can be anything but. However, determined journalists always seek after the truth on behalf of the communities they serve and that should never be forgotten.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall MEP

Recent media 12/05/2016


Below are just a few examples of my recent articles and quoted comments from the print and online media:

Criticising ‘Allahu Akbar’ bomb chant is politically correct HOGWASH, says PAUL NUTTALL: May 12, 2016

Pubs want out [of EU]: May 09, 2016

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Ensure bin collections

Dear Editor,

With the ongoing threats by neighbouring Flintshire County Council to introduce not only three-weekly waste bin collections but also fixed penalty notices to households that do not comply, I would like to hear reassurances from Cheshire West and Chester Council that they will not be following suit. bins

Flintshire already suffers from the highest rate of fly-tipping in Wales and moving to a three week schedule will only make these matters worse. There is little doubt that some of this illegal waste dumping will affect residents in this local authority due to its proximity and I would like to know what Cheshire West plan on doing to tackle this.

With a typical council tax charge of £1,565.88 per year, rising above £3,000 for the highest banded properties, residents deserve to have their black bins collected at regular intervals. They do not expect to have their waste left to rot for up to three weeks whilst the threat of punitive fines hang over their heads

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall, Cheshire UKIP MEP and deputy party leader

UKIP Member of the European Parliament for the the North West of England