Recent media 16/06/2016


Below are just a few examples of my recent articles and quoted comments from the print and online media:

UKIP’s ‘Project Fact’ coach heads to Kidderminster: Jun 16 2016

Major coach tour to crusade for Brexit : Jun 15, 2016

UKIP ‘Project Fact’ battlebus heading to Worcester: Jun 15, 2016


UKIP activists mount tolls protest on Runcorn Widnes bridge: Jun 14, 2016

Brexit drive moves up a gear in Leigh : Jun 14, 2016

UKIP protest against tolls to cross bridges in Runcorn and Widnes: Jun 13, 2016


North West politicians clash in lively EU debate: Jun 12, 2016

Battle bus urges a vote to leave EU: Jun 10, 2016

Toll struggle continues

Dear Editor,

Well I never. George Osborne has been back in town and guess what. He’s waving the tunnel toll carrot at us again.

Last time round when he wanted to get Esther McVey re-elected in Wirral West he said tunnel tolls would definitely be cut for Wirral residents.

This time when asked about this unfulfilled pledge he assured us he is looking at the issue. Mm not quite the same promise and a much smaller carrot frankly.  

I’ve been campaigning for six years to get tunnel and bridge tolls scrapped which are an iniquitous stealth tax.

Osborne’s trying to ensure we remain in the EU and, claiming to worry about jobs in Liverpool, said how bad it would be for workers’ rights if we left. This implies that such rights would disappear down the plug hole the day after we left. Surely people aren’t taken in by such threats.

I wasn’t alone in disbelieving him about tunnel tolls last year and don’t believe now his apocalyptic vision if we vote for Brexit. It is the right thing to do for Merseyside as well as the rest of the country.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall MEP

M&S branch to close

Dear Editor

The news that the Bootle branch of M & S is to close this summer is a big blow to  the local community.

The store attracts shoppers not just from Bootle but a much wider area and helps boost trade for other New Stand shops. It is not an area which can afford to lose any footfall.

I remember when the M & S branch closed in Liscard many years ago. The Cherry Tree shopping centre began to go downhill almost immediately and their departure was followed by Littlewoods and more recently WH Smith. It is now a depressing location full of cut price shops which attracts only local shoppers.  Continue reading M&S branch to close

Recent media 09/06/2016




Below are just a few examples of my recent articles and quoted comments from the print and online media:

Vote Leave campaign rolls into Nantwich on Ukip battle bus: 9 JUN 2016

UKIP to hold protest against ‘highway robbery’ bridge tolls in Runcorn and Widnes: 9 JUN 2016


‘Was it all an act?’ Astonishing footage of young Cameron moaning about EU power-grab: 9 JUN 2016


Case for Brexit in focus as EU vote nears D-day: 9 JUN 2016


Online privacy under attack from EU: 7 JUN 2016

Online privacy under attack from EU


Brexit battle bus to stop off at Leigh Town Hall: 7 JUN 2016


New Store welcomed

Dear Editor,

The construction of a new Lidl store in Birkenhead and the promise of forty new jobs is good news for the re-development of the town and the pockets of savvy shoppers.

The rise of Lidl and its discount counterpart Aldi over the past few years has been nothing short of phenomenal with big supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s struggling to respond to changing customer attitudes.

It is worth bearing in mind that with the EU referendum just a few weeks away, these two German supermarket chains have opened over 100 new stores in the 2015-2016 period with more stores in the pipeline. This goes against the blatant scaremongering by ‘Remain’ campaigners who can only talk up a fictional and hypothetical crisis amongst the business community.

German industry obviously sees the UK as a good place to invest and create jobs regardless of whether we are members of the EU or not. Only last year the UK grocery market was valued at £177.5 billion. You can take it to the bank that bosses at Aldi and Lidl will be on the phone to Angela Merkel the morning after the referendum to press for a preferential trade agreement between the EU and the UK.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall MEP


On the Road to Brexit

Today (Thursday 9th June) the UKIP Battle Bus toured the North West. 


Steven Woolfe MEP, Nigel Evans MP and I visited Nantwich, Leigh and Blackpool to meet activists and members of the public. 



We walked around each town, talking to local businesses and meeting undecided voters – we received a great response and we are convinced that leave can win the EU referendum on the 23rd.

Runcorn Bridge Protest


UKIP activists will be staging a tolls protest at Runcorn Bridge on Monday.

The party’s deputy leader and North West MEP Paul Nuttall will be among those taking part in the high profile event .

It is being staged to highlight the iniquitous tax to be levied on both the old bridge and the new Mersey Gateway bridge, said Mr Nuttall.

“The proposed £2 toll will be a stealth tax on jobs and business and it will put up the cost of living. Businesses using the bridges will inevitably pass on the cost to customers and people commuting to work will also be hit in the pocket.

“UKIP has long been waging a battle against tolls on tunnels and bridges throughout the country. We have held protests at the Runcorn Bridge on previous occasions, most recently in April, where the response for motorists was virtually 100% in support of us, as it always is when we hold similar demonstrations at the Wallasey tunnel,” said Mr Nuttall.scrap the tolls on Runcorn bridge

“The Runcorn bridge crossings will have the same electronic technology as used to collect the London congestion charge and it will inevitably catch thousands of motorists out and provide a windfall for the local authority by way of fines.

“It is wrong in principle that motorists should have to pay to use a stretch of road, it is highway robbery.  We all pay our road tax and these crossings should all be considered as part of the national road network and be toll free,” he added.

The protest is to take place between 7.30 – 10 am on Monday, June 13.


UKIP Member of the European Parliament for the the North West of England