Paul Nuttall on Greece Euro crisis

The 300 must stand firm for Greece and Democracy – UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP

• European Parliament, Brussels, 25 February 2015

• Paul Nuttall MEP, Deputy Leader, UK Independence Party (North West), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group – @paulnuttallukip nuttall-25-02-2015-275

• Debate: Report of the informal meeting of Heads of State or Government (12 February 2015)
European Council and Commission statements


I want to start the speech by quoting the Chairman of the EuroGroup Jeroen Dijssebloem who only two days ago said “you are mistaken if you think democracy is where one election result can change the way we work in the eurozone.”  Continue reading

E-cigarette fostering shock

Confusion over e-cigarette guidance for adoptive and foster parents needs urgent clarification, said local UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall today.

“In my view the guidance should consistently say that loving couples anxious to provide a home for a child should not be prevented because of vaping.

“In the wake of a Staffordshire couple being barred from adopting after the would-be father was seen smoking an e-cigarette it has emerged that different councils have varying approaches.

“These I believe include Warrington Borough Council and Bury Council who state they will not place under-fives with e-cigarette users.

“Many of the councils that take this stance cite the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF), which recommends ‘users of e-cigarettes be considered smokers’ until concerns about the devices are cleared up. e-cig

“They have concerns that e-cigarettes ‘may act as a “gateway” for children and young people to start smoking.’

“However Public Health England has found there was ‘no data’ supporting the claim and that it was ‘rare’ even for teens to experiment with e-cigarettes. And they have also recently stated that the health risks of passive exposure to electronic cigarette vapour are… ‘likely to be extremely low.’

“It seems to me that the stance of the BAAF and the councils following their guidance needs urgently reviewing. Particularly as other councils follow alternative guidance from the Fostering Network, which says that people ‘should not be prevented from fostering or applying because of e-cigarettes use’,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.

“There are 69,000 children in care in this country in need of foster homes or adoptive parents and it seems that their chances are being hindered by  politically correct social workers and conflicting guidance.

“They need to concentrate on the priorities of these children seeking a family life instead of looking for reasons not to provide it,” he added.



Immigration rise concerns

The number of Bulgarians and Romanians now working in UK is almost the same as the entire population of Wigan urban area.

BORDERThis was highlighted by the region’s UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall in response to the the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics showing that Bulgarian and Romanian population in the country now stands at 172,000.

That is 22,000 more than the same period in 2013.

“Romania and Bulgaria acquired the right to export their unemployed

and others to Britain scarcely more than a year ago. Already, the

numbers almost equal the population of the Wigan urban area, which includes Skelmersdale and Standish.

“This scale of immigration highlights yet again, but with renewed urgency, the disaster the Labour and Tory consensus on open

borders represents for those of our own trying to secure decent wages and their first foot on the career ladder.

“Instead of unfettered EU freedom of movement rules the UK should be able to manage migration and we would introduce an Australian-style points-based system selecting according to our needs, ” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy party leader.



Faith Schools


The EU should keep its interfering nose out of faith schools in the UK, said UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall.

His comments follow the disclosure that Christian schools in this country are under investigation by the European Commission for allegedly ‘discriminating’ against non-religious teachers.

“They are poking their nose where it is not wanted – again – and this time because the British Humanist Association, which should also butt out, raised a complaint.

The Commission is set to investigate whether the schools breach equality laws when expressing a preference for religious staff.

“This could potentially result in schools with a Christian ethos being forced to stop giving preference to religious staff when recruiting. This should be a matter for the schools and no one else,” said Mr Nuttall, the party’s Education spokesman.CLASS

Government guidance gives voluntary-aided faith schools, which are part-funded by religious organisations, the freedom to apply ‘religious criteria when recruiting or dismissing any member of their teaching staff’.

EU rules state that a school must be able to prove a ‘genuine occupational requirement’ in order to discriminate in favour of a religious candidate.

“This investigation will also include other faith schools including Muslim and Jewish ones and I feel just as strongly that they should not have the EU interfering in their decisions,” said  Mr Nuttall, MEP for the North West.

“The BHA is hell bent on secularising every aspect of this country’s life and in doing so show themselves to be completely intolerant of people’s religious views,” he added.


Cameron’s U-Turn on Grammar Schools

David Cameron’s U-Turn on Grammar Schools is a direct imitation of a popular UKIP policy, argues UKIP’s Deputy Leader and Education Spokesman Paul Nuttall MEP:paul-nuttall-MEP

“UKIP has always backed grammar schools as key for social mobility. It has long been one of our most popular policies. So does it surprise me that the Prime Minister, who once attacked his party’s ‘obsession’ with grammar schools is now championing them.

“He said there would be no return to academic selection and no new grammar schools built. While his change of heart to helping existing grammars expand is one thing, will he now change his position entirely and start pushing for the introduction of more? Let’s wait and see. My feeling is that the scaredy cat Prime Minister will once again become a UKIP copy cat.”

Joe Anderson is wrong

Dear Editor,

Mayor Joe Anderson’s attempt to drag UKIP into his comments

Mayor Joe Anderson
Mayor Joe Anderson

about the city having the highest amount of asylum seekers in the country is both devisive and discriminatory.

This country has a proud record of taking in genuine asylum seekers and UKIP has no problem at all with that continuing. It is uncontrolled immigration, with the intolerable pressure it places on services such as the NHS, education and housing, that we object to.

Anderson’s comments are alarming and he is using UKIP in a cynical attempt to deflect his own worrying views on asylum seekers.

It would appear that Joe just doesn’t want asylum seekers in his own back yard and wants them to go down south and be someone else’s problem.

He is right when he says he isn’t being ‘UKIP’ about it. UKIP has no problem with genuine asylum seekers coming here to flee from persecution, he does.

UKIP does have a problem with mass uncontrolled immigration straining our public services and driving down workers’ wages, he doesn’t.

Of course, our mayor can’t be critical about immigrants from the European Union in this city or elsewhere as his party, the Labour Party, loves the EU and would keep us chained to it, despite the £55m a day membership costs.

Yours sincerely

Paul Nuttall MEP

The Drivers of radicalisation

Main driver of radicalisation is Saudi Arabia – UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP

• European Parliament, Strasbourg, 11 February 2015
• Bluecard question: Paul Nuttall MEP, Deputy Leader, UK Independence Party (North West), Europe of Freedom and NUTTALL-11-02-2015-KAMALL-275Democracy (EFD) group – @paulnuttallukip
– Response: Syed Kamall MEP (Conservatives, UK), ECR group
• Debate: Preparation of the informal meeting of Heads of State or Government (12 February 2015)

UKIP Member of the European Parliament for the the North West of England