A busy week on the campaign trail

Monton ProtestThis week has been very tiring. It started with a trip to Manchester to record a piece on the local elections for BBC Radio Manchester. I then headed off to Salford, Monton in particular, to take part in a protest about Salford City Council’s plan to impose car parking charges. These charges will devastate business in the village, as it will do nothing but ensure that shoppers will no longer use the local baker, the butcher or the village fruit shop – they will simply drive to Morrison’s where they can park for free. The local UKIP candidates and I are right behind the residents in their opposition to this crazy proposal.

UKIP Salford CandidatesI then headed off to Leicester to campaign for our candidate in the by-election, Abhijit Pandya, and we seem to be holding our own in a difficult constituency. The following morning it was off to Belfast to campaign for both Fred McGlade and Henry Reilly in both North Down and South Down respectively. The feeling on the ground is that both are in with a very good chance of getting elected, so fingers crossed.

Flint PhotoFinally, today, a team of about twenty-five North West UKIP members drove over the border to campaign in North Wales for our excellent candidate Nathan Gill. With opinion polls looking positive, let’s hope we see Nathan elected to the Welsh Assembly.

May 5th could prove a very interesting day for the party.