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Paul Nuttall is the leader of UKIP and a Member of the European Parliament for the North West of England.

Paul’s constituency covers Merseyside, Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

Notably, Paul was UKIP’s youngest ever Chairman, and when first elected he was UKIP’s youngest ever MEP.

He is a former history lecturer and played football for Tranmere Rovers in his youth.

As a UKIP MEP, Paul’s mandate is to do himself and every other British MEP out of a job by helping to get the UK out of the costly and undemocratic European Union.

Recently re-elected for a second term, he is committed to working tirelessly alongside his fellow NW MEP Louise Bours on behalf of those who elected him into office.

As well as defending the UK’s interests in the European Parliament, Paul will campaign in Britain so UKIP can make a breakthrough at Westminster.

Visit the national UKIP website at www.ukip.org

What I Stand For

In my role as an MEP I seek to protect the UK’s sovereignty and prosperity whilst inside the European Union, while doing all I can to further the case and likelihood of Britain’s withdrawal.

I believe the European Union to be profoundly undemocratic. Between 75% – 80% of all UK law now comes from Brussels, yet it is a Union driven by an unelected and unaccountable Commission.

I also believe that the EU is incredibly bad for our country’s prosperity. We pay £50 million a day to an institution whose accounts haven’t been signed off for more than 14 years. We do not need the EU to trade freely with our European neighbours and friends. Countries like Norway and Switzerland thrive outside of the EU and so can we.

The EU stops us as a country from negotiating our own trade deals. This is unacceptable. If we leave the EU, we can re-open links with the old Commonwealth countries and trade globally with the likes of Canada, Australia and developing economies like India.

Being in the EU we have open borders with every other EU member state. This has led to a large number of immigrants from poorer EU member states in Eastern Europe coming to the UK, with the government powerless to restrict numbers or choose who can live in Britain and who can’t. This is insanity. The government currently impose immigration controls on those from outside of the EU, but give EU citizens free reign.

We in UKIP want to treat everyone looking to migrate to Britain the same, through a work permit scheme as done in countries around the world. Controlled immigration is good for our country, uncontrolled and unfiltered immigration is simply not sensible.

2 thoughts on “About Paul”

  1. Paul, I’m a member at Gateshead and am particularly keen to support thinking concerning education in the UK. I have worked tirelessly in education for some 45 years and, now retired, am a Governor of a local Academy and a member of the local Council’s ‘Children and Young People overview and Scrutiny Committee.’
    I would very much like to keep in contact with you concerning anything ‘educational’. – Do you have a separate educational mailing list?
    Best Wishes, Ray T

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UKIP Member of the European Parliament for the the North West of England