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Cooling towards Lucas, Kirkhope and Ashton

Another hectic week in Strasbourg, but for once it was worth going. Firstly I did a radio interview on Radio 4 regarding the floods in Cumbria; then another radio interview for Radio Manchester about Paul McCartney’s visit to the European Parliament next week and I gave a speech on my hobby horse of Man Made Global Warming. You can view my speech on the Copenhagen summit on the video section of this website.

However, more interesting than my speech was the one that followed by Caroline Lucas, the leader of the Greens. She seems an awfully nice woman, but I am sorry Caroline, your speech was utter dross. You can view her speech by clicking on

Is this really what the Green agenda has come to? Basing their arguments around a film supposedly in 2050? Let’s be frank, it is about as realistic as Terminator or The Day After Tomorrow! Sorry, Caroline, whilst we’re dealing with facts, you’re dealing with fiction.

Heckling Timothy Kirkhope, the Tory leader in Parliament, was another highlight. Mr. Kirkhope’s speech was so bland and nonsensical that it prompted the UKIP MEP for Wales, John Bufton, to ask him whether ‘Mr. Cameron should be ashamed of himself’ for reneging on his Lisbon Treaty peldge. Poor old Mr. Kirkhope was deserted by his Conservative colleagues and was thrown to the UKIP wolves who had surrounded him in the chamber. We shouted, we booed, we banged the tables and we left old Timothy squirming and trying to hold on to a party line that most of his own membership don’t even agree with

Next up was Nigel Farage. He was brilliant, as many of you have probably seen on the UKIP website.  First he lampooned Mr. Van Rompy Pumpy for being completely unknown, and then he turned on Baroness Ashton and all hell broke loose in the chamber. Mr. Schultz, the German leader of the Social Democrats went ballistic when Farage laid into fellow his socialist Ashton, and especially when the CND issue was raised. It ended with Schultz and UKIP members screaming at each other across the chamber and the President having to intervene.

All in all, great fun, but more proof if it was needed, that we have the political class to which Kirkhope and Schultz belong, on the run.

The CONservative Party

So it’s finally happened. We knew it was coming. In fact, we warned everyone it was coming. Dave has finally ratted on the British people and refused to give us a referendum on the dreaded Lisbon Treaty. His own backbenchers will be furious, but this will be nothing compared to his own membership, which overwhelmingly are in favour of a referendum.

I just hope Dave’s mask of invincibility is now slipping. He has played a clever balancing act of traditional Tory and Notting Hill lovey very well, but it is impossible for this to continue forever. He has to come clean at some point, and this is his definitive moment.

I met a number of solid Tories a couple of weeks ago and they were adamant that Dave would give the British people the referendum he had promised. “He wouldn’t tell a barefaced lie” and ‘he’s a good solid eurosceptic” they informed me. What poppycock! It’s out in the open now that he is a complete chancer who has strung the British electorate along for two years in the hope that Czech President would do his work for him. This duplicitous policy collapsed in Prague earlier this week and Dave was forced to come clean. Good.

I am therefore inviting those good Conservative members who believe that the European Union is eroding our sovereignty to come over and join UKIP. Surely they now know that we are the only party that is willing to stand up for British interests and the only party that would not sell our country ‘down the river.’ This offer should be made right across the country and let’s hope Dave’s act of treachery will result in a large number of defections to our cause.

Brussels and Ireland

I attended my first ‘committee’ meeting in Brussels last week. The Environment Committee is pretty poor stuff, just as I expected. I stomached it for all of 45 minutes. In that time, I was forced to listen to dross about how Armageddon is at our door unless the EU acts like a ‘caped crusader’ and comes to the rescue of the planet. Oh and it’s always those nasty Americans who are to blame for everything, especially climate change. How the Euro-fanatics they lapped it up!

Then we moved to a vote, which brought me the most amusement, or frustration to be truthful: 47 For to 1 Against – and yes, you guessed it, I was the 1! At that point, I gathered my papers and walked out of the committee room thinking what a total waste of time!

The big news over the weekend is that Ireland has voted Yes to the Lisbon Treaty. It was an absolute disgrace that they were even asked to vote again. But I’ve got and idea, for the sake of fairness, let’s make them vote again because it is ‘one all’ at the moment. How about best of three? Of course not, the Eurocrats have got the answer they want and there is no going back now. Sorry Ireland. Continue reading Brussels and Ireland

Birds and Bull

Bird watchers rejoice!  The Tuffed Puffin has been seen in Kent. What has caused a bird, which usually found in the Pacific, to come to England? Well BBC has the answer … and I’ll give you one guess.  Surprise, surprise … it’s our old friend ‘Global Warming.’  I feel like screaming “Stop Lying” at the TV. Global temperature is not rising, as the graph below clearly shows. Yes CO2 is rising, but this has not been followed by global temperature.


So why are (some) scientists and politicians peddling out that we are facing climate Armageddon?

Scientist: They have two options.

Option one: write a thesis which stated the fact that global warming has ground to halt. As a result, be disowned by my university for writing something which is so politically incorrect and the thesis would rot in some dusty university library. Continue reading Birds and Bull

Conference and Leadership

Well the conference has been and gone. It took some six months to organise and I’m sure that all of us who have been involved with putting the conference together are glad it is over! As far as conferences go, it was close to perfect: great venue, excellent speeches, good fun and high drama.

I’d like to personally thank Terry Durrance who did an outstanding job as Conference Committee Chairman.

The conference opened with the ‘Chairman’s Reception’ on Thursday evening. I think all of us who attended were ‘in stitches’ at Frank Carson’s politically incorrect turn. This was followed by high drama on the Friday when Nigel Farage informed the party of his decision to resign.

I know this might sound like political spin, but Nigel was right to go when he did. He has so much ‘on his plate’ being the President of Freedom and Democracy Group in the European Parliament, Leader of the UKIP MEPs and now committed to fighting John Bercow in Buckingham. I believe that it would have been counterproductive to go into the New Year with a leader doing so many jobs and I think Nigel has been very unselfish standing down at conference. We all agree that we need to get a new leader in place before Christmas so he or she has ample time to prepare for the General Election campaign.

Of course when Nigel announced he was going, the question on everyone’s lips was ‘who is going to succeed him?’ When I was approached by the BBC, The Times and a number of other media outlets asking if I was going to stand I simply told them I was 50/50. Of course I knew in ‘heart of hearts’ that time is not right for me, but I just wanted to see whether ‘credible’ candidates would put their names forward. This seems to be happening. Continue reading Conference and Leadership

Love Red Meat, Love Europe, Hate the EU!

I haven’t posted for over a week now because I have been on holiday. I’ve been to that dreadful place they call ‘Europe’. In fact, I‘ve been to Greece and had a splendid time indulging in my love of red meat, so stop reading any veggies or vegans (you don’t know what you’re missing out on!). I’ve enjoyed ‘pigging out’ so much so that the old Lamb Kleftiko’s and Veal Stifado’s have ‘forced’ me to put on half a stone. Takes a week to put on and a month to get off – nightmare!

The holiday also drove home to me how many Europeans feel exactly the same as we do. For example, I had an enlightening conversation with a taxi driver who was describing just how the Euro has helped to decimate the Greek economy. Take tourism for example: a lot more British tourists are staying away from countries with the Euro and heading off to Turkey, Tunisia or Bulgaria and this is battering the industry in Greece, Spain and Portugal. And who can blame them when it’s costing up to €4 (nearly £4 in today’s climate) for a beer!  Continue reading Love Red Meat, Love Europe, Hate the EU!

Smoke Free Climate Change

It was a normal Tuesday morning. Sitting down, eating my Bran Flakes and watching the news before I set down to work. That was until I almost choked on a Bran Flake.

Why? Because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on my TV (actually should have believed it). It was pure propaganda being beamed straight into our homes via the ‘neutral’ BBC, and it was aimed at our youngsters who are on their summer holidays. BBC Breakfast gave a full ten minutes of prime time Breakfast TV to cover a story about a ‘Climate Camp’ for teenagers in Denmark. I mean, this is ramming this nonsense down are throats.

Pictures of happy teenagers being indoctrinated by the bearded Professor Plum, in his baggy linen trousers and his Jesus sandals – you know the type. You see, the one thing you can be sure of with the BBC is that climate change is to blame for everything: if it rains, it is climate change, if it is sunny, it is climate change, if there are too many butterflies, it is climate change etc.. Sheer propaganda.

But what the Beeb won’t tell people is that there has been a global ‘cooling trend’ since 2001. Why? Because it doesn’t fit their politically correct Leftist agenda. Anyway, back to the ‘Climate Camp’. It’s just so great because you can discuss climate change and Armageddon with other fanatics from around the globe and you can even head down to the solar powered disco. I’m buying Caroline Lucas and Chris Davies their tickets right now!

On Wednesday I was invited on to a local radio station, CityTalk FM, to review the newspapers. I enjoy doing CityTalk and I get on very well with the presenter, Duncan Barkes. You usually arrive twenty minutes before you go on air, so you can read the newspapers. But this didn’t happen as I sat listening to the item before me completely aghast.

A representative from Smoke Free Liverpool was arguing that all movies which contain smoking should be classed as 18. I almost spat my complimentary coffee down my shirt. What planet are these people on? So think of the scenario: a new Popeye movie is released, which is obviously aimed at kids. Naturally Popeye will still be smoking his traditional pipe, so in Liverpool the movie will be an 18, but it will be U or a PG everywhere else. Do you think parents will say ‘oooh I’m not taking my ten year old to see that Popeye movie because he’ll be lighting up his pipe before we get home.’ No! They’ll just take their kids to a cinema in Sefton, Wirral or Knowsley instead. So not content with destroying the pub industry in the city, these killjoys at Smoke Free Liverpool now want to wreck Liverpool’s cinemas. Madness, sheer madness and it must be stopped.

Liverpool, London and Leeds.

The past week has been a bit of whirlwind: radio interviews, networking, meetings and much, much more. It has also been a week of three cities: the big L’s if you like – Liverpool, London and Leeds.

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to appear on a Liverpool radio show called Take 5, which is hosted by lovely chap called Will Bachelor. The show is based around the idea that your house is burning down and you can only save five songs and one film.  Continue reading Liverpool, London and Leeds.

Moans and moles.

I was on the radio yesterday morning and I was meant to be reviewing the day’s newspapers. However when I got to the radio station, I knew something ‘big’ was breaking. Shock, horror! Steven Gerrard’s Mrs had said in ‘New’ magazine that she no longer went out on nights out in Liverpool because the city was ‘rough.’  Continue reading Moans and moles.


I’ve always put off having a blog and I don’t really do technology. All this twitter stuff bamboozles me and still does. However, I’ve been encouraged (told) by members of Young Independence that I have to drag myself out of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first. I’ve done so kicking and screaming!  So here goes:

The past week has given me hope that the British people are finally ready to break the political monopoly held by the ‘big three’ parties. If the result of the Norwich North by-election is to tell us anything, it’s that support for the minor parties is on the rise.  Support for the LibLabCon fell from 44,300 in 2005 to 26,700 in 2009, yet support for the smaller parties, such as UKIP and the Greens showed a significant improvement.

To read more on this follow this link:–ideas-win-elections.html

As a UKIP activist, I was particularly pleased with our result. Glenn Tingle proved to be an excellent candidate who ‘ticked all the boxes’: he’s a local guy with a personal following, he’s lucid, he’s ex-forces and he does a lot of work for charity.  Continue reading Perfect.