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Honour fallen PC

Dear Editor,

The terrorist outrage in Westminster has thrown into stark relief the fantastic job the police and other emergency services do day in, day out, on our behalf.

We should never take that for granted and I personally think that, as a mark of the nation’s respect and gratitude, a memorial plaque should be erected in PC Keith Palmer’s honour.

He went out to do his job protecting democracy and never came home. We owe him a debt we can never repay but it is appropriate that there is a permanent reminder to all of his bravery and sacrifice.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall MEP

Commonwealth Games

Dear Editor,

Now that Durban has been stripped of hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games I have no doubt that Liverpool should be considered a serious contender for the role.

I have been calling for the city to be the venue for these prestigious Games for several years and now the opportunity has sprung up four years sooner than anticipated Liverpool should fight tooth and nail to be the host. 

I am glad that Mayor Joe Anderson has told the government he will challenge any attempt to gift the Games to Manchester or London instead of proper transparent process taking place to select the final city.

I have long argued that hosting the Games would be a fantastic opportunity to showcase Liverpool to the world and let everyone know what a terrific city it is. It is virtually unrecognisable from even a decade ago and is a leading tourist destination for people from all over this country and beyond.  Continue reading Commonwealth Games

Scotland and Brexit

Dear Editor,

Britain is firmly on the path to leaving the EU and that is a journey that everyone in the country needs to make together after the majority vote for Brexit.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has had trouble with this concept though and has argued for an independent Scotland to be an EU member.

She’s apparently changed tack now; having been told they would be at the back of the queue, amid EU fears that such a breakaway move would reinforce the independence desire of other separatists, such as the Catalonians and Basques in Spain.  Continue reading Scotland and Brexit

Osborne’s dire predictions

Dear Editor,

I see bitter George Osborne is still trying to paint the future black after we leave the EU when in fact it is the best decision the people of this country have ever made.

He has falsely claimed to business leaders that leaving the European Union without a trade deal would amount to “the biggest act of protectionism in British history.”

Well I, and the majority in the UK, disagree.  Last year China, Russia, the USA, Japan, India, and Brazil exported goods to the value of €845.1 billion to the EU – and none of these countries has a trade agreement with the EU.

We want to continue trading with Europe – and let’s not forget it is businesses that do the trading – but we will benefit enormously by being able to have our own trade deals with other countries, many of which are more than keen on such a prospect.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall MEP

Labour blocking Brexit

Dear Editor,

By trying to meddle with the Referendum result, Labour ignores the plight of the low waged.

Jeremy Corbyn’s party is looking for any way it can to block the will of the British people.

How can he claim to be on the side of working people when it is attempting to block the one thing that will stop the over-supply in the labour market?

He says it is just an amendment, but the truth is, he is hoping it will stop Brexit in its tracks.

Corbyn’s mask has finally slipped, and the public can now see he is just as pro-big business and anti working-people as the Tories and the Lib Dems.

Yours sincerely

Paul Nuttall MEP

UKIP Leader

Waste Bin Microchip concerns

Dear Editor,

Residents are right to be very concerned following revelations that Bolton Council have introduced 300 new slimline waste bins which feature controversial microchips.

Although the council claim that they don’t have the software in place to use the microchips, I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before some bright-spark Labour councillor recommends that some expensive software package is put into place. bins

I’m also in no doubt that the council would then look to recoup the procurement cost by rolling out automatic charges – activated by the microchips – if households put too much waste in their bin.

Residents expect the council to empty their bins. They don’t expect to be snooped on in the process.

If Bolton Council really have no intention to use microchipped bins in the future they should get their act into gear now and locate the 300 microchipped bins currently in place and remove them at once.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Nuttall MEP

Helens Law welcomed

Dear Editor,

I am delighted that MPs have given early support for “Helen’s Law’  which the mum of murder victim Helen McCourt has long campaigned for.

This would deny killers parole if they will not reveal where their victims’ remains are and while these cases are in the minority of murder cases it is a really important issue.

Helen’s mum, Marie McCourt, from St Helens, Merseyside, has never been able to find peace in her heart since her 22-year-old daughter was murdered by pub licensee Ian Simms.   Continue reading Helens Law welcomed

Parking charges rip-off

Dear Editor,

Proposals by Oldham Council to charge residents £15 for a permit to park on their own road is nothing short of daylight robbery. These new parking permits won’t even guarantee residents their own space outside their home. It’s an absolute con and the council know it.

Parking at Royal Oldham Hospital costs as much as £8 a day. This tax on the sick forced regular visitors to the hospital to use areas such as Furtherwood Road, resulting in the introduction of the current permit system.

Perhaps instead of unscrupulous and opportune profiteering from Oldham Council to make more money off the motorist, the local authority should have consulted with Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust and negotiate ways to bring down the cost of parking.

£15 may not sound like a great deal right now but when you consider that motorists are already paying for road tax, fuel duty and council tax I’d say enough is enough. Also, who’s to say that this permit won’t be subject to the usual, inflation-busting year on year hikes that local councils are renown for?

Yours faithfully,

Paul Nuttall MEP

Questions must be asked

Dear Editor,

A report highlighting language difficulties amongst refugees and ayslum seekers when accessing local health services is a serious concern that must be addressed and I commend the Support for Wigan Arrivals Project for providing English lessons for those in need.

However, let us keep in mind that due to an ongoing civil war and threats from Islamic State the recent influx of so-called refugees are supposedly from Syria. Genuine refugees from this part of the world will no doubt have Arabic or Kurdish as their primary language. I can’t imagine it would be difficult to find suitable and affordable interpreters for Arabic and Kurdish into English. 

Sadly, the war in Syria has been used as a smokescreen to enable millions of mostly young men, not of Syrian origin, to come into Europe for the promise of a better economical life. And who would blame them? Surely the question must be asked as to why some of those claiming to be refugees are not carrying any form of official identity such as a passport or driver’s licence?

Our GP’s surgeries are already at breaking point without having to cope with an influx of undocumented migrants and it is local residents who will be paying the price by waiting even longer for a doctor’s appointment.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Nuttall MEP

Good luck to local farmers

Dear Editor,

I would like to wish the Gill family the very best of luck as they begin selling raw milk from their cows directly from the farm in an effort to stay in business.

Whilst not wishing to wade into the argument about whether unpasteurised milk is suitable or safe – that should be a matter for the consumer – the direction the Gill family are taking their business highlights a very real concern facing dairy farmers up and down the country. cow

Over the past 20 years or so, dairy farmers have been squeezed by an oversupply of cheap milk from Europe, meanwhile aggressive practices from big supermarket chains such as Tesco have been instrumental in forcing milk prices below the cost to produce it.

Farmers who are able to sell their milk directly to consumers represents a win-win for the industry and the general public. Since 1996, we have lost 600,000 cows whilst the number of registered dairy producers has fallen by 61%. 

This is unsustainable in the long term and therefore I would like to see innovative farmers such as the Gills take back control of their livelihood and be given even more freedom to sell directly to the consumer.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Nuttall, Burnley UKIP MEP