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A Fine View

Dear Editor,

Well done to the Daily Post for highlighting how Liverpool’s finest view has been architecturally vandalised.

I have watched with horror as the stupendous views of the world famous Three Graces have been eroded in the name of capitalism.

Do we really need more flats, shops and offices and why there? How many apartments already stand empty?

And would the waterfront have been awarded World Heritage status if it was then as it is now?

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall, UKIP MEP


Dear Editor,

There can be no one in the country who was not shocked and saddened to learn about another young child being savaged to death by a dog.

Unfortunately we on Merseyside can particularly relate to such tragedies. The police have acted very speedily in this latest case but, of course, nothing can restore that little girl to life.

We cannot blame the dogs involved in these attacks – after all they are mere animals – so when, oh when, will their owners realise that dogs and small children should not be left alone together unless closely supervised.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall, UKIP MEP

Pet Insurance


Well, who would have guessed it? Labour has come up with another hopeless plan that will penalise law abiding citizens and turn out to be a further stealth tax.

This time the cash cow is a dog, or rather every dog in the land. Proposals to make owners take out insurance and get them microchipped will involve additional costs, both for the owners and the government.

The suggestion of an annual dog ‘MOT’ with checks by officials to make sure it complies with the law is plainly totally unworkable. Which officials are these? And doubtless money would be raked in from a charge for this ‘MOT’ and the fines imposed for non-compliance.

Little old ladies with elderly dentally-challenged dogs will suffer as they struggle to pay for microchipping and insurance and the number of abandoned dogs will soar.

Meanwhile the irresponsible owners who own dangerous dogs as status symbols and a lethal weapon will continue to be a menace and ignore the regulations. These plans will be as useful as ID cards for preventing terrorist attacks.


Paul Nuttall MEP

Egg Sense

Dear Editor,

I see scientists are having a good laugh at our expense again. Well, it made me smile anyway.

Having been firmly warned that more than a couple of eggs a week was extremely bad for us, if not downright lethal, now we are being told to eat as many of the little blighters as we fancy.

Turns out that they are not going to result in cholesterol induced heart attacks after all and are in fact an excellent protein-dense food full of marvellous dietary goodies.

I say ‘in fact’, but who knows, maybe next week they’ll be banished back to the hen coop again. Meanwhile I shall carry on as I always have and enjoy eggs, free range of course, whenever I fancy and not when dictated to by the health police.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall MEP



The kidnapping of five-year-old boy Sahil Saeed, is truly awful.

Sadly, even as a politician I am powerless to help but as father-to-be my heart goes out to his parents and wider family.

I truly hope that the Pakistan police are doing absolutely everything they can to find this little boy and return him to his Oldham home.

Meanwhile all I can do is add my prayers to all those of so many.


Paul Nuttall, UKIP MEP for Oldham

MP’s Expenses


If anything proves that MPs ‘do not get it’, it is that the trio charged with expenses fraud are trying to wriggle out of facing justice.

Members of Parliament have never been held in such low esteem in living memory – which is very unfortunate for those hard working MPs who have not been living the high life at our expense.

We all know it is the bad apple that spoils the barrel but this particular barrel has more than one rotting fruit and for Elliot Morley, David Chaytor and Jim Devine to try to use an ancient law to avoid prosecution is beyond the pale.

They maintain their innocence – as is their right – and they should have their day in court to prove it. If British MEPs are caught breaking the law they are dealt with by our legal system – and quite right too.


Paul Nuttall, UKIP MEP and parliamentary candidate for Bootle

Alcohol Ban

Dear Editor

What planet is Cllr Paul Clein living on with his demand for alcohol to be banned at Liverpool’s Echo Arena?

Alcohol-fuelled violence is definitely a problem that needs addressing but just because he saw a punch-up outside the venue that does not mean that alcohol should be banned at the Arena.

Many people who go along to concerts at this superb venue enjoy having a couple of drinks while there as part of their evening out and to ban this would not only spoil their evening but may even deter some from going in the first place.

And if we carry his suggestion to its logical conclusion alcohol should be barred at every bar, pub and restaurant.


Paul Nuttall, Merseyside MEP, UK Independence Party