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North West MEP Paul Nuttall said today, “Cameron’s speech was a devious attempt to kick the whole matter into the long grass.

“It is based on him winning the General Election and a referendum would be five years down the line. In that time the EU will have caused further untold damage to our economy. We need an in-out referendum and we need it soon.

“The fact that Cameron made the speech at all is a testament to all the hard work of UKIP in putting the subject of the European Union high up the agenda and because we are doing so well in the polls.

“If Mr Cameron was really serious about renegotiation, then he would invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which is the only mechanism that exists within the treaties to take powers back.

“Our friends on the continent have no intention of giving anything more than lip service to the repatriation of powers.”

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