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A-levels dumbed-down to make money – UKIP Says








Press Release

A-level students are being sold short by a profit-seeking education ‘industry’ – says UKIP’s National Education spokesman, on the day it is announced A-level pass rates are at over 98%.

The figures come out at the same time universities say there will be an extra 30,000 university places available this year, estimating that some half-a-million young people will take up places on degree courses in Autumn.

UKIP’s deputy leader and spokesman for education, Paul Nuttall said: “Whilst I congratulate all the young people that worked hard over the last two years, they are being let down by those with a financial interest and profit motive in the new Education Industry.

“Three exam boards compete to sell their curriculums to schools, so do it on the basis they are easy to pass, and will make the school look good.

“This ‘everyone’s a winner’ scenario is not helpful as it makes it impossible for universities to differentiate between students when filling their courses.”

Although there has been a slight downturn in the results, this may be because students are now limited in the number of retakes available.

Universities are likely to have a record number of spare places this year, and have relaxed some of the grade requirements for the first time in recent years, as they struggle to fill their courses.

Mr Nuttall added: “Universities are more concerned about making money than ever before, and I am seriously concerned that by relaxing their entry requirements many students that would never have normally been offered a place will find it too difficult and there’ll be a lot dropping out over the next 12 months.”

“For example, I know of one student who achieved two C grades and a D, but had still gained a university place for which the original offer had been three grade Bs.

Mr Nuttall finished: “The priority of education should be to prepare our young people for a successful and functional career, it is supposed to set them up for life.

“Nowadays it seems to be an industry happy to make a lot of money out of them, even if they will end up with a useless degree and thrown on the scrap heap with debts upwards of £60k.



UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall has slammed the Department of Education’s make-up, with every Minister in the Commons and Lords privately educated after the Prime Minister’s latest reshuffle.

Paul Nuttall said: “This is a sad sign of the times. The Department for Education, as it continues to rally against social mobility and grammar schools, is now exclusively run by people who didn’t experience the state school sector themselves. What kind of message does that send out?

“What we are seeing with Cameron’s Conservatives are an extremely privileged group of people lecturing the working class, telling us that we don’t need more grammar schools or proper border controls. Well the fact is that we do.

“This is the same party that celebrates the fact they have been led by the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Sir John Major who both came from humble beginnings. But of course what they neglect to mention is that those Prime Ministers got to where they were thanks to having access to a grammar school education to compete with the brightest and best. It is sad that the Tory Party is now so vehemently opposed to a system that did so much to help so many working class kids.

“It is now clear that only UKIP is in touch with the hopes, dreams and aspirations of ordinary folk, as we see a country now utterly dominated by the privately educated in everything ranging from politics to sport. It is time to bring back academic selection and proper vocational training so our poorest get the best possible start to life, and you needn’t be privately educated to get to the top.”​


A new piece of EU pomp – an azure sash – has been ridiculed by MEP Paul Nuttall.

The sash, emblazoned with the 12 stars of the European Union Flag and complete with gold colour tassels, has been announced to Euro-MPs via an email

“These people are so pompous they are beyond parody. Just how silly would you feel walking about town in an official European Parliament sash?” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.

“And it’s not just politicians who can have the amazing honour of wearing this silly piece of cloth, but members of the public mad enough to part with £107 can also get to look daft.

“I can safely say it will not become the must-have fashion item this season. It’s bad enough that these power-hungry Eurocrats tie us up in red tape now they also want to tie us up in a sash.

‘They seem to think that there is something about being part of the EU machine that deserves decoration and honouring. Well there isn’t.

“And on a more serious note this new uniform is actually another move by the all-encompassing EU to create a super-state identity for itself, to go along with the flag and anthem.

“It is quite ridiculous and again demonstrates the bureaucrats’ endless mission to achieve domination over all the member states in every way they can,” said Mr Nuttall, North West MEP.


The proposal by Labour leader Ed Miliband to create ‘technical degrees’ has been described as “re-inventing the wheel” by local UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall.

“This obsession by Labour for virtually everyone to obtain a degree is a nonsense. Pushing for 50% to have one was crazy enough and now they are talking about technical degrees for the ‘forgotten 50%’.

“We used to have fantastic technical colleges which turned out highly skilled tradesmen who served our country well and since 2010 we have had technical colleges sponsored by universities,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP education spokesman.

“Now Miliband is re-inventing the wheel but pretending he has come up with something new.

“We all know that not everyone is academic but everybody has potential for success and technical colleges are an obvious solution. But you don’t need a degree to be a first class electrician, plumber or other tradesman,” said Mr Nuttall, party deputy leader.

“This drive for all to have degrees not only means that those who don’t go to university may feel like failures but equally when degrees are so commonplace how do employers differentiate between graduates?” he added.


As news that more children than ever are being denied a place at their chosen school, due to over-crowding, local UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall has accused teachers’ unions of rank hypocrisy over concerns for the future of UK education.

New figures show that this year the percentage of pupils in England admitted to their first-choice secondary school has fallen for the first time in five years.

Simultaneously, the number of applications for secondary school rose for the first time since 2008.

Mr Nuttall, deputy party leader said, “This is one of the many problems exacerbated by uncontrolled immigration, and even the media has finally admitted it.

“It is all very well the leftie teachers’ unions being up-in-arms about the problem of school places but it was those very same Labour supporting unions that called UKIP racist for highlighting the problems caused by mass immigration.”

Dr Mary Bousted of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers has accused Education Secretary Michael Gove of failing to deliver his main responsibility of “providing school places for the nation’s children”.

The Local Government Association has warned that rising demand for primary school places could soon see two pupils fighting for every place in some areas of the country.

Mr Nuttall added, “Labour and the unions want to have mass immigration and small class sizes, and a place for every child at the school of their choice. That simply can’t be done, we said it couldn’t be done, and today we have been proven right all along.

“Whilst we are a member of the EU, the Tories know they can do nothing to solve the problem of uncontrolled immigration either, so I’m afraid many parents hoping to get their child into the best school in their area next year will be sadly disappointed.”

Editors notes:

There were 521,274 applications this year, compared with 499,968 last year – a rise of 4.3%.

About one in seven 11-year-olds did not get a place at their first choice school, according to the figures, published by the Department for Education.

The squeeze on places also showed the first fall in five years in the proportion getting any of their top three preferences – 95.5% this year, compared with 96.5% last year – and in the percentage getting an offer from any of their preferred schools – 96.8% this year compared with 97.8% last year.


Local UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall has voiced his support for mandatory custodial terms for people convicted twice of possessing a knife.

“I am pleased that Parliament has given its backing to the move which sadly is necessary to try to prevent the tragedies caused by knife crime.

“For certain serious offences I am afraid that only mandatory sentences can act as a deterrent and this is such an offence,” said Mr Nuttall, deputy party leader.

“Yes, it may very well lead to further increases in the prison population but society must be protected. And the answer to overcrowded prisons is to build more, and soon,” he added.


Local Euro-MP Paul Nuttall has joined the fight to save HMS Whimbrel, the last Battle of the Atlantic warship.


The historic vessel, believed to be the only surviving Royal Navy convoy escort to see action during the Second World War struggle against Germany’s U-boats, is at immediate risk of an ignominious end in a scrapyard.


“I fully support the group of former naval officers trying to save her from an Egyptian scrapyard  and turn her into a permanent memorial to the crucial Battle of the Atlantic,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.


“I think their dream of bringing her back to Liverpool and converting her into a floating museum and permanent memorial to the conflict is admirable. It seems only right that at long last she should be preserved in Canning Dock where she was once based for legendary Capt Johnnie Walker’s U-boat hunter killer escort group.


“I have written to Defence Minister Philip Hammond asking him to intervene as a matter of urgency. This is a unique piece of our naval history and she should be saved for posterity.”


After her Navy career HMS Whimbrel was transferred to Egypt and is now languishing in a dockyard in Alexandria. A previous campaign to save her failed when the sale price was suddenly raised from £250,000 to £1m, just as a deal was about to be signed.


But now the Egyptian military has delivered an ultimatum demanding around £200,000 by June 20 or they will offer the Black Swan-class vessel to scrap merchants.


‘”I appreciate that as well as the price of the ship, a further £1 million is needed for immediate repairs and the use of a heavy-lift vessel to carry Whimbrel back to Liverpool but she is irreplaceable,” said Mr Nuttall.


“This is a nationwide appeal and I hope that funds can be pledged as an extreme matter of urgency. She helped save us in our hour of need and now we should repay the favour,” he added.


The Passport Office chaos is an appalling demonstration of the frightening border security of this country, said UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall today.


“It is alarming that it had been proposed to relax security checks on applications from overseas and it is thanks to our vital free press that this has come to light.


“But for the leaked documents, I suspect this plan would have quietly rolled into action and not come to light until tens of thousands of potentially dubious applications been waived through,” said Mr Nuttall, North West MEP.


“It was inevitable there would be a backlog after passport offices were closed down and now new offices are having to be opened in Liverpool. The only tiny ray of light there is that it means 100 jobs for my constituents.


“This situation should never have been allowed to develop in the first place. We know that budget cuts are being made everywhere but border security is paramount and is already a major problem at points of entry without this additional chaos,” he said.