Climate Change

Dear Editor,

As your UKIP MEP for the North West and Member of the Environment Committee in the European Parliament, I sympathise with the resignation of renowned Professor Harold Lewis, who has called global warming “a money led scam.”

There has never been an open and proper debate about global warming, which is now conveniently called climate change since global temperatures haven’t increased since 1998.

The objective of many scientists and governments seems to be to judge all the actions of consumers as evil. We are told we shouldn’t drive our cars, eat meat, use a tumble dryer, holiday abroad and that we should be shamed and taxed to the hilt for doing so.

Meanwhile, scientists and politicians organise lavish international conferences in places such as Copenhagen, where delegates are flown in from around the world, chauffeured around in limousines and treated to fine dining.

Figures used to ‘support’ the idea of climate change have been shown to be false and manipulated to meet a pre-made conclusion in order to secure funding. This was exposed at ‘climate-gate’ last year.

As a sceptic in regard to climate change, I think we all need to be assured about the credibility and motivation of scientists onboard the global warming wagon.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall