Concerning the Greek NO vote


The “no” vote in Greece is a vote for true recognition of democracy at its finest – in the very birthplace of democracy itself, says Ukip deputy leader Paul Nuttall.


Welcoming the referendum rejecting the terms of an international bailout, Mr Nuttall said: “I applaud the Greek people. They have had their say. That is exactly how it should be – a proud sovereign nation sticking up for itself.”

And Mr Nuttall, North West MEP, condemned the EU’s efforts to impose more austerity in Greece saying “the people never asked for it, voted for it, and certainly never deserved it”.

The Ukip deputy leader and leading member of the Europe of Freedom and Direct democracy group in the European Union, added: “The day after the US Independence celebrations you’d expect the EU to remember Lincoln’s quote that ‘you cannot fool all of the people, all of the time’. But that is what the EU commissioners think they can do, and this result has shattered their delusion. The people of Greece have had enough.

“The Greeks are a proud nation, whose country was at the birthplace of democracy.

Paul Nuttall MEP

“The European Union is the exact antithesis of that ideal, and the Greeks have paid a heavy financial price since they joined the single currency.

“Across Europe there is growing anger and despair at the way the EU operates, and we will now see nation after nation forced to reconsider the nature of their relationship with the EU, under the growing pressure from their dissatisfied electorate.

“The EU has had this coming to them and it is the start of the unravelling of the entire EU project.”