Controversial Film Ban

Al Gore’s controversial global warming film would be banned in schools by the UK Independence Party.

North West MEP Paul Nuttall said today that the film, ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ is actually “a convenient lie”.

“It would be banned by UKIP and public authorities would not be allowed to spend money on climate change initiatives.”

“Impressionable youngsters should not be shown this blatant piece of propaganda as if it were the incontrovertible truth when in fact it contains errors and mis-information,” said Mr Nuttall.

“‘The Inconvenient Truth’ is in fact a convenient lie used by propagandists,” he said.The party’s plans also include launching a Royal Commission led by a High Court judge to investigate whether global warming is man-made.”

“Pending the results of the commission, we would build new fossil-fuelled power stations to meet energy demands and scrap subsidies for wind farms.

“Our party has always been sceptical about claims of man made global warming and interestingly a recent poll found the just one in five people believe climate change is man-made, compared to one in three a year ago,” said Mr Nuttall, who is chairman of the party’s NEC.

“UKIP is the only party offering voters an opportunity to vote against the climate change consensus.” All the major parties have decided to sign up to the eco-fascist agenda and therefore anyone who does not believe in that agenda has nowhere else to go,” he said.

“The use of computer models by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is an unreliable research method in determining global temperature records,” he added.

“UKIP’s policy would be to cease funding for the IPCC, pull out of the EU’s Carbon Trading Scheme and establish a Royal Commission that would allow scientists on both sides of the debate to research climate change.

“This would enable politicians to act sensibly in response to the science rather than spending billions on ineffective carbon emission measures, when the science is far from settled”, said Mr Nuttall.