EU Funding of Oxfam UK

Question for written answer E-001333/2011
to the Commission
Rule 117
Paul Nuttall (EFD)
Subject: EU funding for Oxfam

Could the Commission clarify whether it provided any funding to Oxfam (UK) in the period 2009-2010?

Answer given by Lewandowski
on behalf of the Commission

The Commission provided funding to Oxfam (United Kingdom) in the period 2009-2010.

Data on EU funding granted to organisations in a particular field, can be consulted in the Financial Transparency System (FTS).
FTS includes information on budgetary commitments relating to EU funds managed directly by the Commission and its executive agencies. It excludes the European Development Fund and staff related expenditures.

At this time, only data for 2007-2009 financial years is available in FTS.

Data for 2010 will be published at the end of the first semester 2011. The Commission is therefore sending directly to the Honourable Member a table containing information on commitments granted to Oxfam UK in 2010 .

As established by the Financial Regulation and its Implementing Rules, payments made on the basis of these commitments might be made over several years . The forthcoming payments will be based on a thorough assessment of supporting documents that Oxfam will send in agreement with the terms of either the contract or the grant agreement.