Jet-set Juncker

Dear Editor,

Well, as if more proof were needed as to why we should leave the EU, we now have some courtesy of flights of fancy by European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and his merry men.

It has been revealed that the Commission has access to a fleet of six jets – in a €12.6m deal –  to ferry Mr Juncker and other high-ranking officials around the world. jet

This includes a £4.3m seven seater jet to make the 220 mile journey from Brussels to Strasbourg for the parliament’s monthly four day sittings.

What is wrong with them using one of the daily commercial flights that operate between the two cities? Their idea of justification is to say the President only used it for Strasbourg sittings on five out of 14 occasions since January last year. Sounds like a reason for ditching the deal not vindication.

No wonder they don’t want us to leave the EU, taking our £55m a day a with us, when they have such high flying ideas to fund. The whole concept of sitting in Strasbourg is a nonsense in the first place but the French have no intention of bowing to pressure to end this folly.

On top of the flights the parliament spends about £200,000 to charter two express trains to take officials, MEPs and others to and from Brussels to Strasbourg while their papers are taken in eight lorries.

There are no plans to end their profligacy on any level and in fact a tender was recently advertised for an air deal providing 870 hours’ flying time over five years to destinations also including Cape Town, New York, Tokyo and Tel Aviv. 

It also calls for the occasional use of a large jet, such as a Boeing 737, to take around 100 people to destinations such as Antalya on the Turkish coast.

You can’t beat a jolly junket, pity we’re all paying for them.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall MEP