Support for a reprimanded Liverpool judge has been voiced by the UK Independence Party.

Judge Ian Trigger has received “formal advice” from the Lord Chief Justice following his remarks about the Labour government’s immigration policy while sentencing a Jamaican drugs minder.

An investigation has ruled that Judge Trigger’s remarks ‘represented an inappropriate judicial intervention in the political process’.

“His remarks about this country’s lax immigration policy arose because the court heard that the defendant, Lucien McClearley, was an illegal immigrant,” said Paul Nuttall, Merseyside MEP.

“Politics colour every aspect of our life and I think the judge was quite right to say what he did – and the support for his remarks among the general public was overwhelmingly in his favour.

“Everything he said was spot on and was shown to be the views of most law abiding members of the community.

“I am delighted and relieved that he has received nothing more than a reprimand as he is a fine judge known for his powerful intellect,” said Mr Nuttall.