Legal highs crackdown

Dear Editor,

I was pleased to see that a crackdown on so called ‘legal highs’ was prominently outlined in the Queen’s Speech to the House of Commons last week and that a bill will be introduced that will outlaw the sale, production and distribution of these lethal drugs.

Only nine months ago, I called on the Government to ban legal highs following recent figures that showed that deaths had doubled in just four years from 2009 and suggested that we follow the example of Ireland where there is a blanket ban ‘psychoactive’ drugs unless specifically exempted.

legalYoung people in particular are being hoodwinked into believing that drugs such as ‘Hippy Crack’ are safe because they are not a banned substance. This is simply not true and the sooner we can ban these drugs the better. 

I hope that this new legislation will make it easier for councils to take firmer action against unscrupulous retailers.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall, 

UKIP Deputy Leader