Mann Island Controversy

The National Audit Office has confirmed it is keeping a close eye on the controversial land deal at Liverpool’s Mann Island.

Euro MP Paul Nuttall contacted the NAO last month because he is seriously concerned about the deal in which the Northwest Regional Development Agency apparently sold the prime site for less than a quarter of its true value.

He took the step after NWDA boss Steven Broomhead announced that this complex matter was to be investigated internally.

Mr Nuttall has now been told by the NAO that they are aware of the issues and that PriceWaterhouseCoopers is currently reviewing the sale.

The findings of this review will be examined by the Audit Office and Mr Nuttall, Merseyside MEP for the UK Independence Party, has been assured he will be notified about the outcome.

“We are talking about millions of pounds of taxpayers money and my constituents are entitled to be reassured that they have been properly spent, albeit by the NWDA, a quango that UKIP would abolish,” said Mr Nuttall.

“I am pleased that the Audit Office is monitoring the matters and the public told of the outcome,” he added.