Liverpool, London and Leeds.

The past week has been a bit of whirlwind: radio interviews, networking, meetings and much, much more. It has also been a week of three cities: the big L’s if you like – Liverpool, London and Leeds.

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to appear on a Liverpool radio show called Take 5, which is hosted by lovely chap called Will Bachelor. The show is based around the idea that your house is burning down and you can only save five songs and one film.  Continue reading Liverpool, London and Leeds.

Mole Man fights on


The plight of a mole catcher, whose living has been wiped out by Brussels legislation, is to be taken up with the European Parliament.

Peter Brown used to go round 87 farms in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire each year catching moles using strychnine – but is no longer allowed to do so.

His case is supported by the UK Independence Party and North West MEP, Paul Nuttall is now taking the matter up with the EU.

Mr Nuttall spoke with 57-year-old Mr Brown outside the Stockport office of LibDem MEP Chris Davies, who champions the rules which have destroyed Mr Brown’s livelihood.

“I was appalled, but sadly not surprised, to learn about Mr Brown’s situation. This is how the EU juggernaut rolls on without thought for those flattened by it,” he said.

“He used to use strychnine, as mole catchers have done for 70 years, but now only trapping or the use of aluminum phosphide is allowed. The strychnine used to kill moles within 15 minutes but trapping takes twice as long and aluminum phosphide can take up to two days.

“And the cost of the aluminum phosphide is many times greater than strychnine and according to the manufacturers application is a two man job,” said Mr Nuttall. Continue reading Mole Man fights on

Moans and moles.

I was on the radio yesterday morning and I was meant to be reviewing the day’s newspapers. However when I got to the radio station, I knew something ‘big’ was breaking. Shock, horror! Steven Gerrard’s Mrs had said in ‘New’ magazine that she no longer went out on nights out in Liverpool because the city was ‘rough.’  Continue reading Moans and moles.

Standing up for our armed forces


A campaign fighting for ex-servicemen to receive a pension is being whole-heartedly backed by North West UK Independence Party MEP, Paul Nuttall.

Mr. Nuttall has thrown his weight behind the campaign launched by the Armed Forces Pension Group (AFPG), to provide ex-servicemen, who served before April 1975, with an Armed Forces Pension.

Prior to that date servicemen had to have served 22 years to be eligible for a pension. However, when this was changed it did not apply retrospectively,

Mr. Nuttall said: today, “I think it is an absolute disgrace that men and women who were willing to die for this country have been treated so shabbily by successive governments.”

“There must be thousands of men and women in the North West who served in the Armed Forces prior to April 1975 who are not receiving the pension they deserve.  Continue reading Standing up for our armed forces


I’ve always put off having a blog and I don’t really do technology. All this twitter stuff bamboozles me and still does. However, I’ve been encouraged (told) by members of Young Independence that I have to drag myself out of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first. I’ve done so kicking and screaming!  So here goes:

The past week has given me hope that the British people are finally ready to break the political monopoly held by the ‘big three’ parties. If the result of the Norwich North by-election is to tell us anything, it’s that support for the minor parties is on the rise.  Support for the LibLabCon fell from 44,300 in 2005 to 26,700 in 2009, yet support for the smaller parties, such as UKIP and the Greens showed a significant improvement.

To read more on this follow this link:–ideas-win-elections.html

As a UKIP activist, I was particularly pleased with our result. Glenn Tingle proved to be an excellent candidate who ‘ticked all the boxes’: he’s a local guy with a personal following, he’s lucid, he’s ex-forces and he does a lot of work for charity.  Continue reading Perfect.

UKIP election win is “watershed”

UKIP is celebrating winning its first seats on Cambridgeshire County Council and Huntingdonshire District Council.

UKIP Eastern Region Organiser Pete Reeve said his win was a “watershed” for the party and that more UKIP Councillors in the region were now inevitable.

Peter, 33, took the scalp of former county council chairman Susan Normington when he won the Ramsey seat, where the election had been delayed following the death of Liberal Democrat Ray Powell, one of the candidates. He also picked up Powell’s seat on the district council in the election.

Pete said: “I see this as a great opportunity for Ramsey. We have worked very hard and there has been an awful lot of local support. People see us as a real way forward. It is a watershed really.” Continue reading UKIP election win is “watershed”

Record UKIP by-election, despite BBC

UKIP’s historic by-election result is a cause for celebration by party supporters, says UKIP Leader Nigel Farage.

“Everyone worked extremely hard for an excellent result and we congratulate our candidate Glenn Tingle, a real local guy, who has shown by the massive support he’s received in Norwich North that the British people really do identify with the UK Independence Party and what it stands for.”

Glenn’s huge popularity saw UKIP record the biggest percentage gain of the top five contenders, surging a record 9.5% this time around to poll 4,068 votes, representing nearly 12% of the total cast.

A delighted Glenn said: “This result shows that we are major league – bring on the General Election!”

But UKIP’S best-ever by-election performance in Norwich North has been soured by the BBC’s stubborn refusal to give the party’s result the recognition it deserves.

The result could have been even better had the BBC not refused to give Glenn Tingle and UKIP the airtime it deserved, preferring to allow a minor party such as the Greens on television panels and radio discussions.

Nigel Farage is furious at the snub.

He said: “There is a clear bias in the BBC against the UK Independence Party and this result shows that they are wrong in freezing us out of key political television and radio programmes.”

“We’ve shown in Norwich North that we are a major player on the UK political scene and that our performance in the European Elections, where we recorded the second highest percentage of vote among all the parties, was no fluke.

“We have arrived and the people have shown that they agree with our politics. If the BBC doesn’t like that, well tough. What it does mean is that the left-leaning programme producers who dole out the air time will be forced to give us parity with the three other major parties.

“I personally will be taking this to the highest echelons of the BBC and finding out who decided we were not to be part of the Norwich North coverage and what is to be done about it.

“This situation, where one of this country’s major political parties is simply ignored, should never happen again.

“If the BBC bosses spent less time working out their expense claims and more time listening to the people of Great Britain, they would realise that  UKIP is experiencing a continuing swing in support that all the other parties would die for.

“With a General Election due at any time, we will demand that the BBC afford UKIP the same broadcast rights as the Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems.

“We’ll be looking at what needs to be done to make the BBC sit up and take notice, because so far, our complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

“Maybe they’ll listen if their funding is threatened? We’ll look at the prospect of a mass refusal to pay the licence fee if that’s what it takes. It’s already on the agenda for debate at our annual conference in September.”

UKIP Member of the European Parliament for the the North West of England