Parking charges rip-off

Dear Editor,

Proposals by Oldham Council to charge residents £15 for a permit to park on their own road is nothing short of daylight robbery. These new parking permits won’t even guarantee residents their own space outside their home. It’s an absolute con and the council know it.

Parking at Royal Oldham Hospital costs as much as £8 a day. This tax on the sick forced regular visitors to the hospital to use areas such as Furtherwood Road, resulting in the introduction of the current permit system.

Perhaps instead of unscrupulous and opportune profiteering from Oldham Council to make more money off the motorist, the local authority should have consulted with Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust and negotiate ways to bring down the cost of parking.

£15 may not sound like a great deal right now but when you consider that motorists are already paying for road tax, fuel duty and council tax I’d say enough is enough. Also, who’s to say that this permit won’t be subject to the usual, inflation-busting year on year hikes that local councils are renown for?

Yours faithfully,

Paul Nuttall MEP