Punishment must fit the crime

policeThe vandalism of up to 100 cars in Middleton in a single night has been described as “outrageous behaviour” by local MEP Paul Nuttall.

“I hope those responsible for these attacks are quickly brought to justice and the book thrown at them.

“It may be that the culprits are juveniles but if they are old enough to cause such a horrendous amount of damage and distress they are old enough to face stern punishment.

“There is too much crime in this area already and on top of this wanton vandalism we have also heard about three armed raiders targeting Heywood Cricket Club on the same night.

“UKIP believes that criminals should be dealt with fairly but firmly and prison should be feared and not complete with home comforts.

“Most local people are honest as the day is long and work hard to provide for themselves and their families. It is only right that they should feel safe in their homes and on the streets and the police must ensure they are.

“Crime and the fear of crime is a major concern both here and nationally and my party has law and order as one of its major priorities along with safeguarding the NHS,” said Mr Nuttall, Ukip deputy party leader.



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  1. Good army training is the answer to this sort of thing a stint in the services has worked wonders in the past, I remember a close friend of mine going of the rails as a youth getting into trouble and he joined the army and it was the making of him he became a model citizen changed his life

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