2 thoughts on “Question Time 04/02/2016”

  1. I seriously fear that Like the Scottish referendum that has been shown by secret videos and pictures that proved substantial election fraud, also with ballot boxes in Thanet that went missing for several hours and when they were found the seals had been broken, and the ballot papers were destroyed immediately after the result was published instead of being kept for a year that is the law, that made it impossible to prove any fraud that the EU referendum will also be fixed to keep us in.
    I also don’t Trust Cameron to get us the best possible terms if we succeed to get out I fear that he will get a agreement that will leave us still bowing down to EU rules, we need to force him from power, and that is not going to be easy if anyone who signed the partition of no confidence in him will know the partition got far more signatures than required to force by law to be debated but was dismissed out of hand.

  2. I thought he did very well and was also impressed with the lady on the opposite end of the table to him Isabel Oakeshott

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