I very rarely get upset about the news. We live in bad world where people commit the most inhumane crimes, but this one really made me feel physically sick, so much so that I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about it.

Darren Newton tortured and murdered fifteen-month old baby boy Charlie Hunt, and this wicked individual even filmed the child in pain on his mobile phone. He gave the videos names like “squeezing toe in cot”, “two minutes of pain” and one called “shivering no water” when he left the poor baby in a bath freezing with no water. He also filmed himself “happy slapping” the helpless little boy thirteen times.

What makes this case even sadder is that the innocent and beautiful child still reached out lovingly to Newton, even though he was physically abusing him. One day, last November, innocent little Charlie was hit with such “blunt force” that he suffered convulsions and died at the hands of this evil character.

Yesterday, Newton was jailed for at least 25 years.

Personally, I think he is getting off lightly. I would like to see child murderers like Newton hang by the neck till dead. However, in the absence of this choice, due to our government’s refusal to hold referendums and EU law, life should at least mean life. And I don’t mean life in his own personal cell with a TV, access to a library, computers, a pool table and cigarettes, I mean a downtrodden squalid existence that would teach any would-be Newton that if you hurt children in this way, you are going to suffer immeasurably for a very long time.

Sorry folks, we all know the answer to stopping crimes like this in this country, but the problem is that successive governments won’t do anything about it because the answer is very, very Right wing.

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2 thoughts on “SCUM”

  1. Paul I would like to congratulate you on your new post as Deputy Leader of UKIP (saw you last night on Sky paper review) I have been a great supporter of UKIP and have even spoken at some of its conferences in the past. Guernsey is a prime example of how a small jurisdiction can survive and prosper outside the EU. And I would be quite happy to discuss with you further just how we do that. I believe UKIP’s membership will continue to grow as the scale of the betrayal of the British people by the other main parties becomes clear to the British people.

    Best Wishes.

    Deputy Dave Jones

    Guernsey Housing Minister.

  2. I agree Paul child killers need to re-live the fear, pain of that child, talkin it out of them, whatever it is , will not work, it is beyond “councelling”

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