Support for Police ‘Thin Blue Line’ badge

Telling police officers they should not wear a ‘thin blue line’ badge to support their fallen colleagues is an example of ‘disrespectful, lily livered political correctness’ – says the Deputy Leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttall MEP.


His comments follow media reports that Met officers have been apparently been told by a high ranking Scotland Yard officer that the black and white Union Jack patch with a blue line could cause offence within certain communities and not to wear it.


“It has never been more appropriate than right now in the wake of the tragic killing of Merseyside PC David Phillips,” Mr Nuttall said.


“What is wrong with people in authority today? They are stupidly keen to see offence where none exists. And in this instance whose delicate feelings are they now trying to protect? ” said the North West MEP.


“I am glad to read that Met Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, who was formerly in charge of the Merseyside force, has adopted a far more sensible robust attitude and said he had no issue with officers wearing the badge.


“Our police officers are under incredible pressure increased by austerity measures having led to job cuts and they face problems and risks that most people never encounter. 


“Never more did that vital thin blue line deserve our support and frankly there is no room for lily livered politically correct behaviour while our guardians of the law spend every day protecting us,” said Mr Nuttall.


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  1. The thin blue line is such a very respectful way to show respect for a fallen officer. People who think that it is disrespectful don’t understand. My brother in law is a cop and he wears the blue line every time a policeman is killed.

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