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Support from Bolton

Bolton’s UKIP councillors are wholeheartedly backing MEP Paul Nuttall’s bid for the party leadership.

Mr Nuttall, North West Euro-MP and former UKIP deputy leader, has just announced his decision to contest the role following the resignation of Diane James. Paul bolton

The party has five councillors on Bolton council and their group leader, Sean Hornby said that the decision to support Mr Nuttall was because “he is the unity candidate.

“We need a northern leader and Paul Nuttall is the man for the role. We have already made impressive inroads into the Labour heartlands and I have no doubt – and nor does the Labour Party – that with Paul at the helm we will continue this progress,” said Mr Hornby.

“The Labour Party is in serious trouble and while UKIP has had some internal difficulties I know that if Paul is elected leader he will unite the party and Labour will be in even deeper trouble,” he added.


Waste Bin Microchip concerns

Dear Editor,

Residents are right to be very concerned following revelations that Bolton Council have introduced 300 new slimline waste bins which feature controversial microchips.

Although the council claim that they don’t have the software in place to use the microchips, I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before some bright-spark Labour councillor recommends that some expensive software package is put into place. bins

I’m also in no doubt that the council would then look to recoup the procurement cost by rolling out automatic charges – activated by the microchips – if households put too much waste in their bin.

Residents expect the council to empty their bins. They don’t expect to be snooped on in the process.

If Bolton Council really have no intention to use microchipped bins in the future they should get their act into gear now and locate the 300 microchipped bins currently in place and remove them at once.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Nuttall MEP

Bolton Council chief resigns

Dear Editor,

The resignation of former Council Chief Paul Najsarek after only 5 months in the job, followed by his swift re-employment with Ealing Council in London demonstrates that local government top jobs are just one big merry-go-round of which there is no coming off.

Najsarek is not the first and certainly won’t be the last council chief in the region that we see moving between local authorities. Liverpool Chief Ged Fitzgerald held the top job at Lancashire County Council, Sunderland and Rotherham before moving to Merseyside. Wigan’s Donna Hall was previously at Chorley and Blackburn with Darwen Councils.

It’s the same few people moving around a very small number of jobs that command salaries much higher than the Prime Minister and it’s a disgrace. The matter is made worse when council chiefs often receive bumper pay-outs when leaving one authority before joining another.

With a 3.5% hike in council tax around the corner, Bolton Council should now come clean and unveil what payments, if any, were made to the former Chief Executive.

Yours Faithfully,

Paul Nuttall MEP



Bolton College EU funding row



Dear Editor,

Whilst on the face of it the £300,000 grant received by Bolton College from the European Social Fund to boost skills and training in the town may sound like a good deal, it is important to remember that this grant is our own taxpayer’s money to begin with.

In 2013, our total EU contributions reached a staggering £14.5 billion, a figure that will no doubt rise in the coming years. In that same period, the UK only received £6.3 billion of this money back and with increasing levels of unemployment in the Eurozone, our rate of return will diminish even further.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this is not good value for money. This £300,000 for Bolton College will be tied up in typical EU red tape and the college will certainly be made to praise the EU for the cash. Wouldn’t it be better for us to do away with our EU membership and get the cash from central government directly?

Yours faithfully 

Paul Nuttall MEP