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Labour’s immigration betrayal

Paul Nuttall accuses Labour of betrayal on immigration

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall said:”Labour has betrayed millions of British families on immigration. It was Labour that threw open our jobs market to millions of Eastern Europeans with no transitional controls at all.

“What Jeremy Corbyn is committing himself to today is not even worthy of the term ‘sticking plaster’. For him to think stopping a few online job ads is going to have any real impact on the movement of people from the low wage economies of Eastern Europe is a joke.  Continue reading Labour’s immigration betrayal

Jeremy Corbyn has sold out

Jeremy Corbyn has sold out and joined the Europhile elite

UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP haswritten for the Telegraph today on how the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has sold out and joined the Europhile elite pointing to today’s pro-EU speech after a political lifetime of opposition to the EU as evidence of this.

In his article he says Jeremy Corbyn was “thought to be in the mould of the much respected Tony Benn, who described his preference for politicians that were signposts rather than weather vanes”, however, he is in fact “more Mr Benn than Tony Benn, in so far as he can turn into someone completely different, simply by looking in the mirror”.

The article concludes, “This speech showed [Jeremy Corbyn] may well still be a conviction politician, but his conviction has changed. Now it is one of self-preservation as a party leader, and not what’s best for the UK.”

You can read the whole piece over at The Telegraph website.