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Strong borders a must

March 14, 2017 



A report by Europol showing how criminal gangs have made billions from people smuggling demonstrates the need for Britain to have strong borders, said UKIP leader Paul Nuttall. 

“Post Brexit it is vital that we have tough border controls and that means meaningful investment in our border agency. We will remain a popular destination even after we extricate ourselves from the EU.

“These figures from Europol showing that migrant smuggling in 2015 earned crime bosses as much as £4.9 billion, making it one of the most profitable activities for organised crime in the EU,  illustrate why the lack of internal borders is a disaster.

“Rob Wainwright, head of Europol, warned last month that Brexit could leave the UK more vulnerable to terrorism and organised crime. However I am quite sure that co-operation will continue with other countries and organisations after we leave, including Europol ” said Mr Nuttall,  MEP for the North West of England.

“Those against Brexit do not miss any opportunity to claim it’s all a terrible mistake and act as doom merchants. But as that day gets nearer my long held belief that it was the right decision gets reinforced and any costs we incur will be more than compensated by the £350 million a week we will no longer have to hand over to the EU,” he said.


Helens Law welcomed

Dear Editor,

I am delighted that MPs have given early support for “Helen’s Law’  which the mum of murder victim Helen McCourt has long campaigned for.

This would deny killers parole if they will not reveal where their victims’ remains are and while these cases are in the minority of murder cases it is a really important issue.

Helen’s mum, Marie McCourt, from St Helens, Merseyside, has never been able to find peace in her heart since her 22-year-old daughter was murdered by pub licensee Ian Simms.   Continue reading Helens Law welcomed

Legal highs crackdown

Dear Editor,

I was pleased to see that a crackdown on so called ‘legal highs’ was prominently outlined in the Queen’s Speech to the House of Commons last week and that a bill will be introduced that will outlaw the sale, production and distribution of these lethal drugs.

Only nine months ago, I called on the Government to ban legal highs following recent figures that showed that deaths had doubled in just four years from 2009 and suggested that we follow the example of Ireland where there is a blanket ban ‘psychoactive’ drugs unless specifically exempted.

legalYoung people in particular are being hoodwinked into believing that drugs such as ‘Hippy Crack’ are safe because they are not a banned substance. This is simply not true and the sooner we can ban these drugs the better.  Continue reading Legal highs crackdown

Punishment must fit the crime

policeThe vandalism of up to 100 cars in Middleton in a single night has been described as “outrageous behaviour” by local MEP Paul Nuttall.

“I hope those responsible for these attacks are quickly brought to justice and the book thrown at them.

“It may be that the culprits are juveniles but if they are old enough to cause such a horrendous amount of damage and distress they are old enough to face stern punishment.

“There is too much crime in this area already and on top of this wanton vandalism we have also heard about three armed raiders targeting Heywood Cricket Club on the same night.

“UKIP believes that criminals should be dealt with fairly but firmly and prison should be feared and not complete with home comforts.

“Most local people are honest as the day is long and work hard to provide for themselves and their families. It is only right that they should feel safe in their homes and on the streets and the police must ensure they are.

“Crime and the fear of crime is a major concern both here and nationally and my party has law and order as one of its major priorities along with safeguarding the NHS,” said Mr Nuttall, Ukip deputy party leader.




Support for a reprimanded Liverpool judge has been voiced by the UK Independence Party.

Judge Ian Trigger has received “formal advice” from the Lord Chief Justice following his remarks about the Labour government’s immigration policy while sentencing a Jamaican drugs minder.

An investigation has ruled that Judge Trigger’s remarks ‘represented an inappropriate judicial intervention in the political process’.

“His remarks about this country’s lax immigration policy arose because the court heard that the defendant, Lucien McClearley, was an illegal immigrant,” said Paul Nuttall, Merseyside MEP.

“Politics colour every aspect of our life and I think the judge was quite right to say what he did – and the support for his remarks among the general public was overwhelmingly in his favour.

“Everything he said was spot on and was shown to be the views of most law abiding members of the community.

“I am delighted and relieved that he has received nothing more than a reprimand as he is a fine judge known for his powerful intellect,” said Mr Nuttall.