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UKIP Leadership


North West MEP Paul Nuttall today (Sun) announced that he is standing for the leadership of UKIP.

Explaining his decision Mr Nuttall said, “Having spent six years as deputy leader and previously been chairman, I believe I am best suited to take the helm of the party when Nigel Farage, who has done a sterling job as captain, finally does get the chance to get his life back.

paul-nuttall-MEP“I stand first and foremost as a unifying candidate, demanding an end to the infighting and squabbling which performs just one purpose, that of delighting our rivals.

“I believe UKIP can simply be much bigger and better than this – but we have to work together as a united team to do so.

“And I promise this – from day one under my leadership, there is a clean slate for UKIP MEPs, domestic politicians and members. It will in effect be Day Zero. We will pull together to fight forwards, not backwards.  Continue reading UKIP Leadership

Boundary change concerns

Dear Editor.

I fully understand the genuine concerns facing residents in Wirral who now face rather drastic changes to Westminster boundaries and the loss of one MP following the recent boundary review.

Voters naturally get accustomed to existing seats, especially when they reflect geographical or demographic realities and there will always be an argument that tinkering with boundaries accounts for nothing more than so-called ‘gerrymandering’ by whichever party implements any changes. ballot-box

Whether we change the boundaries or leave them as they are, it will make not one iota of difference in ensuring that voters are fairly represented. We will still end up in a situation where most voters live in safe seats that hardly, if ever, change hands meaning that MPs can take your vote for granted.

Only by introducing an element of proportional representation like they have for the assemblies in Wales and London for example will voters be fairly represented by a variety of MPs from different parties and holding different views.

Yours sincerely

Paul Nuttall MEP

Boaty McBoatface?

Dear Editor,

So Boaty McBoatface has been voted the most popular name for a new polar research ship.

What a demonstration of a very British sense of humour and for those old enough to remember it has shades of shambolic radio comedy series The Navy Lark.

Probably unamused, the National Environment Research Council, who asked members of the public for names for the vessel, have sternly made it clear that they are not bound by the public choice.

They had envisaged ‘worthy’ names in the tradition of earlier ships and no doubt still do.


But hang on, they should take on board the fact that Boaty McBoatface has captured the public’s imagination and would inspire generations of curious children to learn about the work of the organisation and the vessel. Continue reading Boaty McBoatface?

Postal vote open to abuse


Postal voting is open to widespread misuse and even corruption and is in urgent need of reform, says local UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall.

Paul Nuttall MEP
Paul Nuttall MEP

The Euro-MP today (MON) publishes a paper highlighting numerous examples of where postal voting has been used illicitly.

Mr Nuttall, UKIP Deputy Leader, wants to amend the Representation of the People Act 2000 by scrapping the inclusion of postal voting “on demand”.

His call comes as people choosing to vote via post rather than polling station have started to receive their postal voting ballots for next month’s plethora of elections.

In his paper, published by the UKIP Parliamentary Resource Unit, Mr Nuttall points to recent postal voting anomalies in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Wythenshawe and Sale East, Peterborough, Burnley, Blackburn and Birmingham, as examples of how postal voting on demand has perverted the democratic process.

They, he says, are “just the tip of the iceberg”.

Mr Nuttall said: “I felt I had to write this paper following what I witnessed at the Oldham West and Royton by election where boxes containing postal votes were almost unanimously in support of one particular party. I knew then that something was rotten in our system.   

“I believe postal voting needs to return to its origins – allowing those who are genuinely infirm and housebound, or perhaps abroad serving in the armed forces, to have their say at the ballot box.

“What we have the moment, thanks to the Labour party for whom it serves best, is a system where anyone can demand to be allowed a postal vote rather than visit a polling station.

“This means that some households can have all their votes decided by one person, regardless of an individual’s own personal political persuasions.

 “In my paper I’ve highlighted recorded incidents of postal voting abuse in a diverse number of places which I believe are just the tip of the iceberg.”  Continue reading Postal vote open to abuse

Eurosceptic report welcomed

Heavy-weight “Change or Go” report challenges Cameron’s claim that being in the EU is good for the UK

UKIP’s Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall has today welcomed the publication by a group of business leaders and economic analysts of “Change or Go,” a 1,000 page assessment of Britain’s place in the EU: “This report challenges the many myths David Cameron and his allies are using to try to frighten the British people into staying in the EU.”

Paul Nuttall MEP
Paul Nuttall MEP

“UKIP welcomes this list of demands for changes Cameron ought to make, but clearly is not making, in his negotiation with the EU. The report concludes that unless the Prime Minister can achieve a fundamental change in Britain’s relationship with Brussels, the country’s households and businesses will be better off if the UK opts to leave the EU.”

“In light of this report there are two important things that need to be highlighted. Firstly the startling level of the UK’s contribution to the overall EU budget and secondly the supremacy of EU law over UK law. These are two fundamental principles that must change, unfortunately however it is clear Cameron intends to do nothing about these issues.

“UKIP has said this for years, and we welcome our argument moving to the mainstream of debate. The EU is bad for Britain. We are better off out. This report gives us 1,000 pages of reasons why. I only wish Cameron were honest enough to tell the British people the truth about the damage the EU does to every family and every business in the UK.”

Southport Town Council call


Local MEP Paul Nuttall is urging Southport to support the town having its own council.

Paul-NuttallUKIPA campaign for such a body to restore the control of Southport into the hands of the town’s residents has been launched and an on-line petition set up.

Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader, said: “Historically the majority of Southport residents did not want to be included in Merseyside or Sefton and today many of the residents still feel the same way.

“Local people have raised their concerns for a number of years that Southport has become nothing more than the piggy bank of Sefton.

“Many residents feeling disenfranchised by the actions of Sefton Council and feel it is time to make a stand and take their town back and I wholeheartedly support them.  Continue reading Southport Town Council call