Reinstate national border controls

Best way to fight terrorism is to reinstate national border controls – Paul Nuttall MEP

• European Parliament, Strasbourg, 13 January 2015

• Bluecard Question: Paul Nuttall MEP, Deputy Leader, UK Independence Party (North West), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group – @paulnuttallukipnuttall-13-01-2015-BC-verhof-275
– Response: Guy VERHOFSTADT MEP (Belgium), President, Liberal group (ALDE)

• Debate: Conclusions of the European Council meeting (18 December 2014)

Miliband wrong over Terrorism


Labour leader Ed Miliband has come under fire from UKIP for suggesting withdrawing from the European Union would endanger British lives.mili

“He is so pro-EU that he’d say anything to keep us in their stranglehold, regardless of the increasingly detrimental effect our membership is having on this country,” said Paul Nuttall, deputy party leader.

“And now he claims that the UK can fight terrorism ‘much better’ from inside the EU by working across borders. Well considering the lack of border controls in the Schengen zone that’s a rather laughable concept to deal with a very serious topic.

“We need to leave so we can take back control of our own borders and have a proper system in place to ensure we know who comes in and out of our country, and not have our hands tied by the EU.

“Miliband also lauds the European Arrest Warrant when this is a device that has already resulted in cases of serious injustice.

“A Brit who may have an alibi, but who is accused of committing a crime in another EU state, could still have to be handed over to foreign authorities, potentially to spend months or years imprisoned whilst being questioned before charge, even if the allegations are not an offence here.

“The EAW also dispenses with the important matter of providing evidence to support the charge. It all flies in the face of the principle of habeas corpus, where a prisoner must be released when there is no lawful basis for their detention

“This is something else we need to be freed from and instead make our own decisions about protecting our citizens,” said Mr Nuttall, North West MEP.



Eurocrats in for a roasting over new rules

Eurocrats have come in for a roasting today from UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall over new rules targeting our cookers.

“These interfering bureaucrats in Brussels are always getting me hot under the collar and they are at it again.

“The new energy efficiency requirements, which will save 60 pence a week at most, have the potential to render traditional recipes useless,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.

The EU diktat imposing power limits on all new cookers to save energy comes into force by next month and on top of that more rules follow later in February limiting cavity size and wattage for both electric and gas ovens.

“I foresee another shopping frenzy as happened when the EU energy rules affecting vacuum cleaners were revealed and only days ago regulations affecting coffee makers came into force,” said Mr Nuttall.

“People should have freedom of choice and continue to be able to buy whatever household appliance they want. Those who are particularly energy conscious will always seek the most efficient models but everyone should have the right to choose.

“I don’t pretend to be a Cordon Bleu chef but one who is has pointed out that reducing the power of ovens means those following recipes will need to modify them, meals will take longer to cook and cakes and food potentially ruined.cooker

“We seem to hear more about food poisoning these days and there must be a danger that such risks will increase particularly if chickens are unwittingly under-cooked in lower power ovens.

“Also many people have big family Christmas dinners but with smaller capacity ovens they will prove to be a logistical nightmare in years to come.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it – the only solution is to leave the EU and return common sense to our lives,” he added.


EU exit poll result welcomed

A poll showing that most British voters now back leaving the EU has been welcomed by UKIP Euro-MP Paul Nuttall.

“There is no doubt that public opinion is changing and the majority of people now favour us leaving the grip of Brussels.

EXIT“UKIP has fought long and hard to bring to public attention the detrimental effects of our membership and it is fight we will never give up till we are free,” said Mr Nuttall, local MEP.

The poll commissioned by WIN/Gallup International shows that Britons would vote to quit by 51 per cent to 49 per cent if an in-or-out referendum were held now.

“We should be an independent country that is free to trade with Europe but we should not be dominated by the EU. We would be much better off if we left,” said Mr Nuttall.

“David Cameron keeps talking about renegotiation but he hasn’t the ghost of a chance and he will do everything in his power to keep us tied to this failing economic bloc,” he added.



Anger over EU Cash waste

Anger over British taxpayers being committed to paying  £18m into an EU propaganda fund while receiving just a tiny fraction back is totally justified, said local MEP Paul Nuttall.

“But the real issue that must not be overlooked is that we should not be handing over any of our cash to Brussels at all. We should be heading immediately for the exit and keeping our money firmly in our own pockets.

eu_logo“This ‘Europe for Citizens’ programme which will gobble up our £18m over the next six years gave us just £300,000 last year and meanwhile sent generous grants to pro-European groups in other member states.

“It is another colossal propaganda scheme dreamt up by Eurocrats desperate to keep this doomed EU project afloat and willing to stoop to brainwashing and bribery,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.

“It is a waste of hard working taxpayers money but then so is the £55m we hand over every single day to them and again get just a fraction back. Just think what we could do with such money if it stayed on this side of the Channel.

“It could be used to pay for more nurses, doctors, teachers and emergency service personnel, roles which have all been dramatically cut back in these times of austerity.

“That would be a wise and meaningful way of spending our cash rather than meekly handing it over to be lost forever down the EU plughole,” said Mr Nuttall.



Wake up and smell the Coffee

People have been told to “wake up and smell the coffee” after creeping EU legislation has reached coffee machines.

“Now the EU decides we must have tepid coffee after hoovering for an additional 30 minutes in a dim lit house with low watt light bulbs,” said local MEP Paul Nuttall.

“It is time for the British people to wake up, smell the coffee and tell the hyper-regulating EU bureaucrats where to go.

“As they won’t voluntary stop interfering in our everyday life, the only way to stop EU meddlers is to vote for a party which campaigns for an EU exit,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.

coffee-maker-20The new laws aimed at saving energy mean that domestic drip-filter coffee machines with insulated jugs must switch off after five minutes, espresso machines must power down after 30 minutes and drip filter machines with non-insulated jugs must switch off 40 minutes after the end of the last brewing cycle.

Although Christmas-bought machines are likely to be exempt from the ruling, all new percolators must meet the stringent energy regulations.

The new rules which came into force on January 1 also mean that many more gadgets and appliances must automatically switch off to save energy.

New networked devices like routers, hubs, modems, connected or smart televisions and printers should be able to switch automatically into a low power standby mode if no main task is performed.

“No one favours wasting energy but it seems every day that more and more personal decisions about how we live our lives are taken away from us by Brussels.

“We should be making our own decisions in this country and not be dictated to by the EU,” said Mr Nuttall.



Vampire Tax leaves nasty taste

vampA new ruling by an EU court has left a nasty taste in the mouth, said local UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall.

“This time we’ve been forced to hand over £15m to Brussels in a Vampire tax to settle a long running dispute over garlic shipped from China,” he explained.

“It doesn’t seem to matter how much of a stink we kick up we get treated like naughty school children and told to to get in line by Eurocrats in one role or another.

“Having right on our side is never enough and time and time again we are ordered to hand over millions, and on other occasions billions of pounds. It is all ridiculous and the only positive I can see is that it neatly highlights why we must shake ourselves free of the EU shackles.

“This latest dispute with the European Commission about whether the garlic was frozen or fresh. Next time who knows, all we do know is that there will be a next time until we leave for good.

“We are told that we need to stay in the EU in order to retain influence. If this is influence then, like the garlic, it stinks,” said Mr Nuttall, Deputy Party Leader.


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Paul Nuttall adresses Herman Van Rompuy

• European Parliament, Brussels, 04 November 2014

• Paul Nuttall MEP, Deputy Leader, UK Independence Party (North West), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFDD) group
• Conference of Presidents – with outgoing EU Council president Herman Van Rompuy



Mr President, well, in fact everyone’s a president here, isn’t it wonderful! But I’ll deal with the one who is here today attending his final conference of presidents.
Mr Van Rompuy, you’ve come here to talk about the European council, Ukraine, energy, the economy – it all seems very business-as-usual to me. But I’ve also listened to you for the past five years now and I’d like to give you a critique on what I’ve heard.

Much of the time you’ve reminded me of that other great statesman of our time, Comical Ali. You remember him, Saddam Hussein’s information minister. The man who told the world’s press that there were no Americans in Iraq yet US tanks were rolling into Baghdad behind him. The man was laughed at so much that it earned him the unfortunate name, Comical Ali. He was delusional to the point of denial… [European Parliament President Schulz interferes]

Martin Schulz: Just a moment, please. Sorry, I will ask you to stop, please, wait a moment. This is unacceptable, be quiet. You cannot compare the President of the European Council to the propaganda minister of a brutal dictatorship.

That is beyond the bounds of what is acceptable as parliamentary discussion so could I please call you to order, and ask you to not use such terms, otherwise I will be obliged to impose penalties on you.

Paul Nuttall: Okay, I will carry on then. So what have you really achieved in your five years as president of this council? You helped destroy democracy in Greece and in Italy by helping to remove two democratically elected prime ministers replacing them with two europhile puppets whose strings were pulled from Brussels. You’ve also received a massive growth in youth unemployment which is now averaging 50 percent in Greece, Spain and Italy.

This is literally over 1 million young Europeans who are living their lives in despair, unable to find a job and some who are fleeing the continent altogether. Spanish are going to Argentina, Portuguese to Brazil and even Angola! And it seems everyone else is coming to Britain. Last year we had a massive 247 million people net come to Britain, the majority from within the EU. This unfettered and uncontrolled mass influx of people has driven down wages and in some cases put people out of work. Yet you Mr Van Rompuy still rule out allowing us to control our own borders. But you don’t just want to stop there, you are committed to expanding the EU even further east, even though virtually everyone west of the Ukraine thinks that this is madness.

You’ve overseen the tide of euroscepticism that has swept across Europe in the European elections which has resulted in a divided European Union, deflation hanging over the Mediterranean states. Mr Van Rompuy, I think that your five year tenancy as president of the European Council can be summed up with three Ds. Delusion, despair and deflation and nothing I’ve heard today will make me change my opinion.

In one of your final acts as president of the council Mr Van Rompuy, with the aid of Mr Barroso, you ambushed the David Cameron the Prime Minister at the council last week with a bill for 1.7 billion pounds. Our government will now have to ask the hard working British tax payers to foot this bill because we have been successful. Yes that’s right, success is punished here in the EU and forget Cameron’s pitiful Hugh Grant impression saying that he will now stand up to the EU, because these are rules that we foolishly signed up to and we will have to pay or you will fine us. I want to finish by saying a big thank you to Mr Van Rompuy and also to Mr Barroso because you have pushed Britain to the exit door, one which I hope that we will walk through very soon indeed. Thanks.

MEP votes against anti-democratic EU

Local MEP Paul Nuttall has voted against the new European Commission  and pointed out that it is “an anti-democratic form of government.”

The new European Commissioners were introduced today to the European Parliament but along with his UKIP colleagues Mr Nuttall voted against them.

“This was not on a personal level against the Commissioners but because it it is not a democratic form of government,” he explained.

“Interestingly despite all his anti-EU rhetoric David Cameron’s Tory MEPs covered all the bases, with some abstaining, some for and some against. In reality the Conservatives have no intention of shaking the EU tree.

“What worries me is that the general public don’t understand what the European Commission really is. It is the executive, it is the Government of Europe and it has the sole right to propose legislation.

“It does so in consultation with 3,000 secret committees staffed mainly by big business and big capital and all the legislation is proposed in secret. And once something becomes a European law, it is the European Commission that has the sole right to propose repeal or change of that legislation.”

“The means by which the European Commission is the law maker goes against the concept of democracy because there is nothing the electorate can do to change a single piece of European law,” said Mr Nuttall, deputy party leader.

Jean-Claude Juncker, new President of the European Commission
Jean-Claude Juncker, new President of the European Commission



EU maternity leave regulations were today described as “madness” by UKIP Euro MP Paul Nuttall.

The European Parliament has proposed that the regulations should apply to both the self employed and the spouses of the self employed.

“It seems very plain to me that these proposals are more EU madness,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP MEP for the North West.

“It is quite apparent that no one in the European Parliament has ever run a small business.

“In this wonderful Euro-world jobs abound, profits pour like oil from a stricken tanker and the future is full of joy. In the real world, 14 weeks off means that clients vanish, jobs are lost and careers blighted.

“For example imagine a small pub where the publican has a child and she and her husband take 14 weeks maternity leave. Does Europe propose to make it illegal for her locals to transfer their custom to another pub?” queried Mr Nuttall.

The proposals reported on the parliament’s website state, “EU Member States should grant standard social protection, including at least 14 weeks’ maternity leave allowance, for self-employed women and for wives or life partners of self-employed workers, says Parliament in a binding proposal to update an EU directive”.