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Commonwealth Games

Dear Editor,

Now that Durban has been stripped of hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games I have no doubt that Liverpool should be considered a serious contender for the role.

I have been calling for the city to be the venue for these prestigious Games for several years and now the opportunity has sprung up four years sooner than anticipated Liverpool should fight tooth and nail to be the host. 

I am glad that Mayor Joe Anderson has told the government he will challenge any attempt to gift the Games to Manchester or London instead of proper transparent process taking place to select the final city.

I have long argued that hosting the Games would be a fantastic opportunity to showcase Liverpool to the world and let everyone know what a terrific city it is. It is virtually unrecognisable from even a decade ago and is a leading tourist destination for people from all over this country and beyond.  Continue reading Commonwealth Games

Bring back weekly collections

Dear Editor,

As a long-standing advocate of regular, weekly bin collections for household waste, I warned back in 2008 that a move to fortnightly collections would result in an increase in fly-tipping.

What I could not foresee however, was that Liverpool was to become a dumping ground for illegal waste from other local authorities, courtesy of unscrupulous gangs looking to profit from rubbish build-up. bins

With the council already spending £1 million on a clear up operation of the waste and with the prospect of more councils moving to three or even four weekly waste collections, this could be just the tip of the iceberg.

Liverpool Council should, as a first step, look to reintroduce regular weekly collections. However I would also call on Mayor Joe Anderson to use his supposed influence to lobby neighbouring councils to follow suit.

Yours sincerely

Paul Nuttall MEP