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Protect our NHS

Speaking at a UKIP event in Stoke, Paul Nuttall, UKIP leader and candidate in the Stoke Central by election said:

“Yes they may well have founded [the NHS] in 1948, but today they have come to resemble an abusive parent.

“I refuse to be hectored by a party that oversaw the Mid Staffs scandal. A scandal for which no one in senior management was sacked!

“I refuse to be lectured to by a party that allowed MRSA to become commonplace on our wards.

“I refuse to be accused of wanting to privatise the NHS by a party that actually did privatise 5% of our health service when they were in power.

“I also refuse to take criticism from a party whose two most prominent members of the House of Lords – Winston and Warner – have called for people to be charged to see their GP. 

“And finally, I refuse to take lessons from a party that has saddled the NHS with a debt of nearly 80 billion pounds through the signing of crazy PFI contracts.  Continue reading Protect our NHS

Red Tape Madness

The distressing case of a pensioner locked out of her own home because of barmy Brussels legislation just reinforces the urgent need for the UK to leave the EU, said MEP Paul Nuttall today.

“How many more times will we hear about such madness?” queried Mr Nuttall, North West Euro MP for UKIP.

“It seems that every regulation decreed by the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels is gold-plated by this government and common sense goes out the window.”

Mr Nuttall’s comments follow a vulnerable pensioner who suffers from dementia being locked out of her sheltered accommodation flat in Birkdale, Southport, apparently for more than six hours.

The live-in manager refused to use a master key because she had just finished her shift and the EU Working Time Directive calls for an 11 hour break between shifts.

“This particular directive is also causing major problems within the NHS and a new report from the Royal College of Surgeons says that NHS patients are dying as a result of this directive, which imposes a 48 hour week on junior doctors,” said Mr Nuttall.

“These rules are imposed on us and unless the people of this country make their voice heard and demand withdrawal from the EU the situation will just get worse,” he added.