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Cameron’s talks due to fail

North West UKIP MEP  Paul Nuttall said today that David Cameron’s talks in Brussels are doomed to fail.

“He went there asking for very little and is meeting so much opposition anything he returns with will be a waste of paper.


“The EU does not want us to leave and knows that Cameron is desperate to stay so they are just dallying with him like a cat with a mouse. Luckily for him they won’t eat him alive but he’ll come back badly mangled.

“Deal or no deal it won’t make the cut with British folk who are fed up to the back teeth with Brussels bullying and ruling their every day lives. Britain will be better off out and only by leaving can we put the great back into Great Britain.

“Cameron is between a rock and a hard place and his negotiations are doomed to fail, however much he may claim them as a victory to save face,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.

“And if he does walk away from the summit with the aim of trying again in a few weeks the outcome will still be the same. This is one battle Goliath will win.”