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Capital Gains Pains

The cracks in the Con-Dem coalition are starting to show, only two weeks after Cameron and Clegg’s power cuddle first began.

‘Call me Dave’ and his panting lapdog Nick Clegg have shocked the public and many of their own MPs by announcing a huge rise in Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

Long-standing Tory John Redwood MP and former leadership contender David Davis MP have both spoken out against their party’s proposal to raise CGT to a rate similar to income tax.

And UKIP Party Chairman, Paul Nuttall, has described capital investment as the fire in the economy’s boiler, and warned that increasing it is a careless move.

“Cameron is so desperate to be Prime Minister that he has turned his back on his own MPs, who can all see the danger in increasing CGT, and is steering his party towards the high tax policies of the Lib Dems,” said the MEP for the North West.

“On hearing the rumours, many people have started selling off their investments in a bid to get their cash before the new rate of tax kicks in. This means the market will be flooded, causing the value of investments to plummet.

“In the long term, when CGT is increased entrepreneurs basically go on strike. If any investments they are thinking of making are to be taxed at 40% or 50%, the idea of investing seems pointless to them.

“The USA lowered its rate of CGT in the mid 1990s and in 2003 and each time the government’s receipt from the tax actually went up because entrepreneurs felt more inclined to make investments.

“UKIP is the low tax party, and believes that rather than raising CGT levels to match income tax it would be better for the economy if income tax were lowered to the current CGT rate.”

Former Mayors Join UKIP

Further proof that UKIP is on the up in the North West and gaining support from all quarters has been amply demonstrated in Congleton.

Three former local mayors, formerly in the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties, have announced that they have joined the UK Independence Party.

The trio – Louise Bours, Neville Price, Mike Kitton – met with the party’s North West MEP Paul Nuttall and Lee Slaughter today at Congleton Town Hall for a press conference.

“I am delighted to welcome the three former mayors into the Party. It is more proof that UKIP is a growing force in British politics,” said Mr Nuttall.

“We are not just about the EU any more. We are about winning local council seats and taking seats in Parliament. We have members of all political parties joining us because they realise there is only one moderate alternative party and that is UKIP.”

Louise Bours and Neville Price were both Conservative councillors who were mayor of the town council. Mr Price was also mayor of the borough council and chairman of Cheshire County Council.

Mr Kitton is a former Liberal Democrat councillor and mayor on the town council.

Miss Bours, who is planning to stand in the local elections next year, explained she had joined UKIP because it was the only centralist moderate party.

“We are patriots and want to see this country govern itself rather than being governed by Brussels,” she said, a sentiment echoed by Mr Price and Mr Kitton.

A former mayoress, Gladys Worthington, who was also a Tory, has also recently joined the branch but was unable to attend the press conference.

Parliamentary Candidate

Gary Robinson has been adopted as parliamentary candidate for the St Helens North constituency for the UK Independence Party.

29-year-old Mr Robinson, who lives in Haydock, has always been interested in politics and is fully committed to UKIP’s policies. pcnuttall

“Some people regard us a single issue party – withdrawal from the EU – but in fact we have a whole raft of domestic policies,” he said.

“These include health, education, defence and crime. I am primarily interested increasing local employment and in reducing crime, factors which I think will go hand-in-hand” said Mr Robinson.

“I am a local man who has no intention of moving away from the area. I am in a long term relationship and I would one day like to raise my children in St Helens. I want to make sure it is a safe place for people to bring up their youngsters.

“I am also concerned about employment problems in the area and want to do everything I can to ameliorate the situation.”

Mr Robinson, who has lived in Haydock all his life, works for a local authority where he has developed strong people skills and has had lots of experience helping people with their problems.

“I have fond memories of my earliest jobs working in pubs and I am angry about the number of public houses shutting down as a result of Labour policies.  Continue reading Parliamentary Candidate


Euro MP Paul Nuttall has set himself a marathon task – holding a surgery in each of the 75 parliamentary constituencies in the North West before the end of the year. And these will not be ordinary political surgeries as they will all be held in a pub in each area.

“This is the launch my unique P2P campaign – Politics to the People. I have decided to hit the high road to bring politics to the voter,” said Mr Nuttall, North West MEP for the UK Independence Party. “European politics is so remote from the man in the street they have no idea who their MEPs are and what they do.p2ppub

My campaign involves getting out and about and explaining exactly what Euro MPs do. “I also want to explain how the EU adversely affects their daily lives. It is vital to make it relevant to the electorate,” said Mr Nuttall.

“The more people who realise just how much of their every day life is dictated by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels the better. I appreciate that many people are fed-up with politicians and mistrust them.

“I want to get out and meet as many members of the public as I can and answer their questions honestly and build up a bond of trust.” he added. UKIP is currently arranging the venues and dates for the surgeries.

Conference and Leadership

Well the conference has been and gone. It took some six months to organise and I’m sure that all of us who have been involved with putting the conference together are glad it is over! As far as conferences go, it was close to perfect: great venue, excellent speeches, good fun and high drama.

I’d like to personally thank Terry Durrance who did an outstanding job as Conference Committee Chairman.

The conference opened with the ‘Chairman’s Reception’ on Thursday evening. I think all of us who attended were ‘in stitches’ at Frank Carson’s politically incorrect turn. This was followed by high drama on the Friday when Nigel Farage informed the party of his decision to resign.

I know this might sound like political spin, but Nigel was right to go when he did. He has so much ‘on his plate’ being the President of Freedom and Democracy Group in the European Parliament, Leader of the UKIP MEPs and now committed to fighting John Bercow in Buckingham. I believe that it would have been counterproductive to go into the New Year with a leader doing so many jobs and I think Nigel has been very unselfish standing down at conference. We all agree that we need to get a new leader in place before Christmas so he or she has ample time to prepare for the General Election campaign.

Of course when Nigel announced he was going, the question on everyone’s lips was ‘who is going to succeed him?’ When I was approached by the BBC, The Times and a number of other media outlets asking if I was going to stand I simply told them I was 50/50. Of course I knew in ‘heart of hearts’ that time is not right for me, but I just wanted to see whether ‘credible’ candidates would put their names forward. This seems to be happening. Continue reading Conference and Leadership


The national conference held by the UK Independence Party in Southport has been unanimously acclaimed as the party’s “best ever.”

It was also one of the most memorable with the shock announcement by Nigel Farage of his intention to stand down as the party’s leader.

A leadership contest will now follow and among the potential candidates is party chairman, Paul Nuttall, North West MEP. Mr Nuttall has not yet revealed whether he will run for the position and said he is “still considering” the matter. Paulconf.aspx

But he did say that he, along with all the delegates at the conference had been very impressed with the Conference Centre where the event took place on Friday and Saturday.

“The staff were first class as were the facilities and many delegates are keen for us to hold it there again,” said Mr Nuttall. “They were also very impressed with Southport, despite the weather, and thoroughly enjoyed their stay.” Continue reading CONFERENCE SUCCESS



Delegates from all over the country will be arriving in Southport this week for the UK Independence Party’s national conference.

It will be the first national political conference to be held in the town’s waterfront Conference Centre.

The event – “Building on Success”- takes place on Friday and Saturday and will be officially opened by the deputy mayor of Sefton, Cllr Maureen Fearn. PaulConf

Party chairman, Paul Nuttall said today that he was confident that it would be the best conference ever held by the party.

“As I am the MEP  for the North West I am particularly delighted that UKIP agreed with my suggestion that it should be held here.

“This is a very important time for us. We did spectacularly well in the Euro elections, knocking Labour into third place, and now we are determined to do well in the forthcoming General Election and local council elections,” he said.

“We are no longer a single issue party and we have a raft of policies covering all the major issues, such as education, defence crime and health.

“More and more people are turning to UKIP and we are rapidly growing in strength with new branches opening every month,” said Mr Nuttall.

The key note conference speech will be delivered by Party Leader Nigel Farage, MEP, at noon on Friday.