The BBC and more Global Warming propaganda

Last night, I witnessed one of the most biased, politically motivated and unfair pieces of television I have ever come across. It will come as no surprises that the issue was global warming and the broadcaster was the BBC, which is not known for its impartiality when dealing with the subject. Indeed, even one the BBC’s most esteemed news presenters has confirmed bias exists within the organisation:

The programme, titled Meet the Climate Sceptics, was supposed to be an attempt by the BBC to ‘take us to the heart’ of the sceptic movement. Instead, what it did was to purposely paint sceptics as oddballs and misfits. For example, the silly music, the patronising presenter and the blatant dodgy editing were all attempts to dilute the sceptic’s message. Please take a look for yourself at the programme:

I wonder if the BBC would be so kind to commission a rebuttal to this programme, and they could start with something like this:

I have to ask, with the British people becoming increasingly sceptical about man-made global warming and hot on the heels of Climategate, is it any wonder that the BBC commissioned such a film? I think not.

2 thoughts on “The BBC and more Global Warming propaganda”

  1. i totally agree that we are disinformed by the corporate media which is owned by the private banking cartels. but the yourube video is a dead link, sorry…

  2. Not only is the BBC a truly biased media station, is also has levels of corruption running to the core of the organisation stemming from the Savile scandal, which may I say is only the tip of the iceberg. But yet “we” the dumbed down tax payer still has to give the BBC over a hundred pounds of our hard earned to these corporate elite fraudsters. It’s time for change people….!!!

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