Turkey & Libya

Subject: Turkey & Libya

The Extraordinary Council of the European Union on the 11th March 2011 condemned the situation in Libya ,and the final statement (EUCO7/11) said, “The use of force, especially with military means, against civilians is unacceptable and must stop immediately. The safety of the people must be ensured by all necessary means. The European Council expresses its deep concern about attacks against civilians, including from the air. In order to protect the civilian population, Member States will examine all necessary options”

The Organisation of Human Rights and Solidarity for Oppressed People (Mazumder) in Turkey estimated that in 2008 there were 343 deaths in 315 incidents in which state forces were implicated. In light of the Commission’s robust approach to the situation in Libya , I ask the Commission:

Are there any plans to support those who are the victims of human rights abuses in Turkey as there are in Libya ?