University Controversy

An MEP has controversially joined the debate over proposed university funding cuts – by suggesting entrance criteria is raised.

“University education has been dumbed down over recent years. A degree used to really mean something but now virtually everyone is being urged to go to university and entrance qualifications have been lowered over the years.

“It means that a degree no longer has the kudos it should have and it tricks students into thinking that it paves the way to success – but employers know better,” said Paul Nuttall, North West Euro MP for the UK Independence Party.

“Many graduates find themselves jobless and if they are lucky enough to get work they are saddled with a huge debt.

“If fewer students went to university and had to have top grade qualifications to get there, then employers could be assured that the degrees they attained would be of real worth.

“I am not for one minute criticising students, who by and large work hard, I am criticising this Government for devaluing university education,” said Mr Nuttall, who is a former University history lecturer.

“Their obsession with sending ever more youngsters to university has inevitably led to the budgetary crisis now facing higher education.

“Of course, this government could not lose face by admitting their policy was an ill-thought out mistake

“But I find it interesting that the budget cuts they are now introducing will actually have the effect of reducing student places,” he said.